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ANHR:Prisoners of conscience must be released
ANHR:Prisoners of conscience must be released
The Arabic Network for Human Rights today strongly denounced the escalating campaign against members and activists of Muslim Brothers in Egypt, as security arrested15 members of the Movement, including Mahmoud Ezzat , Abdul Rahman Abdul Al-Barr, Essam ElErian, and 12 others.
Wednesday, February 17,2010 18:52

This raid carried out by security forces, is one of the most fierce and  violent of all raids. The movement have become accustomed to security arrests on  its leaders and members of the Muslim Brotherhood for no other  reason except for being members of the group. Those detainees are indeed on the long list of prisoners of conscience in Egypt.

The Arabic Network condemns these arrests, stressing the illegitiitimacy of these measures stressing it is  the right of any citizen to endorse any ideology or join any religious or political movement , as long as no felony is committed. ANHRI demands security forces to declare the reasons of detention or any crime they have committed . ANHRI also requests security to stop using fabricated charges such as “joining an illegal group..” and the likes, those which have become ridiculous ,repeated and scornful.

Detainees include:
  1. Mahmoud Ezzat, PhD
  2. Essam ElErian, PhD
  3. Abdul Rahman Abd AlBarr , PhD
  4. Ahmed Abbas, PhD
  5. Mohammad Saad Alioua, PhD
  6. Mohammad Abdul-Ghani, PhD
  7. Walid Shalabi, writer
  8. Ihab Ibrahim , PhD
  9. Ali Abdel Rahim, PhD
  10. Khalaf Thabet Haridi
  11. Ibrahim AlSaid.
  12. Ahmed AbdelAti.
  13. Mustafa ElSherbatly
  14. Massad Kotb.
  15. Mohammed AlDesooqi , PhD
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