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Egypt:A call for unity with Anti-Torture Blogger
Egypt:A call for unity with Anti-Torture Blogger
Appeal hearing tomorrow for Wael Abbas, sentenced to six months in prison .
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information called ,today, all defenders of freedom of opinion and expression in Egypt and the world to unite with the known blogger Wael Abbas, who was sentenced to six months in November 2009, in a case that strongly bears a manipulation of law.
Wednesday, February 17,2010 18:08

Neither Wael Abbas nor ANHRI lawyers were notified on the case until the moment security forces raided Wael’s home to execute the sentence in December 2009. Misdemeanors court upheld the sentence on 21/1/ 2010, even though the entire case is fabricated, merely charging Wael of cutting an internet cable of a police officer’s brother.

The appeal hearing will be held at misdemeanor court of Hadayek Al Qobba , located at Abbasia Sq., North Cairo court premises. ANHRI lawyers do hope that the court would be considerate on this fabricated case that clearly displays the meeting of interests of the interior ministry to take revenge at the blogger, known for exposing many torture and corruption incidents and the pay back desire of one of the officers, brother of Wael Abbas’s adversary , following an argument in which Wael Abbas was abused , in April 2009.

It is known that Wael Abbas has become a target for interior ministry and its officers for more than two years because of his persistent endeavors to broadcast the so called "torture clips". Officers have repeatedly orchestrated Abbas without being deterred by prosecution. Following, on his departures and arrivals at Cairo airport , a series of harassments began against him like seizing his belongings and arresting him at the airport reaching to the peak by a having a police officer ,Ashraf Aglan, and his brother ,Ahmed, assaulting Wael at home.

Instead of punishing the officer and his brother, prosecution concluded the investigation. Moreover ,Wael himself was tried and sentenced , in November 2009, on a fabricated case about which he knew nothing.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said, "These fabricated cases against bloggers turned to be a known approach of the interior ministry. Filing such a charade case against a well-known blogger, is indeed a terror message to all other bloggers and an attempt to intimidate them and silence them on the police practices of the interior ministry. We are calling on all defenders of freedom of expression and anti-torture activists in Egypt and the world to solidarity with Wael Abbas and not to leave him prey of the interior ministry , the prime aggressor on the law in Egypt , a ministry that unleashes officers to violate rights of Egyptian citizens”.

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