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Court releases seven of Qalyoubeya MB detainees
Court releases seven of Qalyoubeya MB detainees
The Court of Bandar Banha decided to accept the appeal submitted by seven detainees from Qalyoubeya MB and decided their release.
Monday, February 8,2010 06:43
by Ayman Sayed IkhwanWeb

The Court of Bandar Banha decided to accept the appeal submitted by seven detainees from Qalyoubeya MB and decided their release.

Those to be released are:

Mohamed Soliman

Mostafa Hanafy

Yehya Azab

Khaled Abdel Azeem

Amr Maamoun

Osama Ghars Eldin

Waheed Galal

The Security Services of Qalyoubeya city arrested them on charges of spreading the opinion of Dr. Yosuf Al-Qaradawy, Head of the Global Federation of Muslim Scholars which prohibits the construction of the steel wall which the Egyptian authorities started to build on the Egypt-Gaza borders.


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