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PLC: 2010 will witness intensive attacks on everthing in J'lem
PLC: 2010 will witness intensive attacks on everthing in J'lem
The Jerusalem committee of the Palestinian legislative council (PLC) on Wednesday warned that 2010 will witness more Israeli violations and escalating attacks on everything in the occupied city of Jerusalem especially with regard to the scheme of destroying the Aqsa Mosque.
Friday, January 29,2010 23:15


In a statement, the committee said that the Israeli escalating underground excavations will lead to cave-ins and fissures on a large scale inside the Aqsa Mosque, its courtyards and the old Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem, expressing fears that Israel could hasten to demolish the holy Mosque through creating an artificial earthquake in the Negev region.

The committee appealed to the organization of the Islamic conference and the Arab League to hold emergency conferences and meetings to discuss the grave situation in Jerusalem and the Israeli threats against the Aqsa Mosque.

It also called on them to refer the file of the holy city and Mosque to the UN security council and to activate the international legal dimension of this file.

The committee also urged the security council, the UN general assembly and the UNESCO to necessarily send fact-finding committees to the holy city to report about Israel’s violations committed in the city.

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