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Egypt: Women fall victim to the unending cycle of arrests and torture.
Egypt: Women fall victim to the unending cycle of arrests and torture.
Kafaya calls for all responsible to be held accountable.
The cycle of human rights violations and torture continues in Egypt 's detention centers this time with the arrest of 4 women on October 28, 2009 from the same family.
Friday, January 29,2010 16:47




The arrest of members from the  Aldisouky family from the Daqahleya governorate faced an unprecedented event of detention and torture while they were being held hostage by Officer Ahmed Hussein with the aid of a group of thugs. Adding salt to the wound is the fact they were held in the men's prison which not only left physical scars but emotional scars also.


The women detained were held in an attempt to lure their relative into handing himself in to authorities since he was accused of murder in revenge for another murdered family member. The detainees who were handcuffed and beaten include:


Sanaa Hamed Aldisouky, 55


Fatyna Hamed Aldisouky, 50


Hanaa Alsayed Hamed Aldisouky, 22


Zeinab Alsayed Hamed Aldisouky, 28


The report which was written by Alkarama Centre for Human rights calls on the government to investigate these tortures and to hold accountable those responsible. Moreover it calls on authorities to practice self-control and discipline since arbitrary arrests, beatings, torture and indefinite detention are a loud violation to the constitution which stipulates that any citizen is innocent unless otherwise proven.

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