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Qaradawi slams Abbas
Qaradawi slams Abbas
Accused of treason by one of Islam's greatest living scholars, Palestinian President Abbas is rocked and on the defensive.
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Sunday, January 24,2010 07:33
by Khaled Amayreh
"Qaradawi is a giant in his knowledge, a giant in his morality, a giant in his humanity. We may differ with him on this or that issue, but this should never make us question his status and stature as one of the greatest living scholars of the Muslim umma," wrote Qassem this week. He added: "A nation that doesn't show respect to its best sons is a nation ruled by ignoramuses who would sell out their countries for the lowest price."

Concluding the article, Qassem wrote: "I apologise to Sheikh Qaradawi for what these ignoramuses are saying."

It is not clear when this fresh acrimony will die down. What is clear is that as long as the Hamas-Fatah showdown continues, polarisation, not only in the Palestinian arena but also in the wider Arab arena, will persist.

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