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The Muslim Brotherhood is the new marijuana
The Muslim Brotherhood is the new marijuana
The Muslim Brotherhood advocates the imposition of Islamic State using political means.
Friday, January 15,2010 10:59
The majlis

Bill Roggio, writing yesterday about the death of a Jordanian al-Qaeda member in a U.S. airstrike in Pakistan, described the Muslim Brotherhood as a "gateway to al-Qaeda." 

The Muslim Brotherhood advocates the imposition of Islamic State using political means. Disaffected members of the MB who think that method is too soft often join more radical groups, such as Hamas, al Qaeda, etc. The Egyptian Islamic Group broke off from the MB.

Statistically speaking, if the Brotherhood is a gateway to terrorism, it's a damn ineffective one. The Muslim Brotherhood has had millions of members throughout its history; only a small fraction of them joined radical groups.

Sayyid Qutb

And if we're using Roggio's analytical framework, I wonder if he would agree that the Catholic Church and the Republican Party are gateways to terrorism? They both advocate the abolition of abortion in the United States through political means. Disaffected members who think both groups are too soft occasionally resort to violence to further their aims.

That's an absurd line of thinking -- and not one I endorse. But it's really no different than Roggio's argument.

If you want to argue that the Muslim Brotherhood is an ideological predecessor to al-Qaeda, fine. You can draw a line from Sayyid Qutb's writings to modern-day salafi thought.

But it's ridiculous to call the Brotherhood a "gateway" to al-Qaeda. Every ideological movement has fringe elements. They will try to move the entire movement towards the extremes (see: Republican Party, circa 2009-2010). If they fail -- and they often do -- they break off and form splinter groups. You can't blame the original group for the actions of a few extremists.

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MB is the solution for Future Human Civilization - neither Marijuana nor Deviant Abu Muhammad ADIS El-Merbawiy, MY
If you agreed to the statement that MB is "the New Marijuana" for people, hence the western Democracy also is and was even great Marijuana for billion of people on the planet who had been addicted to the people power craziness. When ever people around the world followed such pattern of western democracy that suited to American and Israelite policies, it might be true Democracy. Other wise, whenever many block of people powers in the world supported other ideologies or such a similar democracy but against USA and Israel, automatically this standpoint might be fake or not accepted by the world super powers. So, where is the reality of truly DEMOCRATIC STATES on this planet?. How excellent delusion and great addicted for a SUCH false DEMOCRACY EVER practiced upon people by these super powers since many years time. For the People of CHANGE in USA and all around the world, let's think my statement and stand point again and again. Thanks you for sharing the ideas. Syukran Jazeelan, Ya akhi/ my beloved brothers. Dungun MALAYSIA
Tuesday, January 19,2010 17:42
the New Marijuana? Zionist
We'll roll blunts out of you faggots
Saturday, January 16,2010 18:33
Religious racism Bill
DOWN WITH RELIGIOUS RACISM. Religion is the source of humanity's misery. Religion turns persons into racists and it destroys the brotherhood of people. Religion claims to protect and safeguard freedoms. It's a lie.
Saturday, February 12,2011 15:18
Next ... hjrahman
Islam is Islam, Zionist is .... The cursed people, Bill? .... Stuck on board ... lifeless... Long Live Ikhwan Muslimeen, bring Islam ALIVE again.. Oh yes... Can you smell .... what The Israel, The Zionist, The US Foreign Policy, The CIA, The Mossad are cookin'. They are working day & night to destroy ISLAM.
Tuesday, February 22,2011 17:26
Islam is Islam! Abdullah
Islam exists, Muslim exists, Mujahideen exists in real world, but Al-Qaida exists in Fox news and BBC. USA's Capitalist elites are terrified of Islam and Muslim not Al-Qaida and Terrorists!
Tuesday, March 15,2011 04:14
disaffected members? McMilton
Let's see, Muslim Brotherhood created Hezbollah and Hamas, both notable terrorist groups according to the lists. Or are their peaceful methods fringe by Brotherhood standards?
Thursday, April 14,2011 17:59
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