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Pakistani scholar reiterates support for the oppressed Gazans.
Pakistani scholar reiterates support for the oppressed Gazans.
The Palestinian oppression and the building of the iron wall have faced much controversy.
Thursday, January 14,2010 09:15

The Palestinian oppression and the building of the iron wall have faced much controversy. Clerics everywhere called upon the Muslim world to rise up to this occasion calling for their urgent help in the name of the Muslim brotherhood and Islamic principles of helping the oppressed   


Mufti Munibur Rehman in Pakistan said Cairo’s move could provide Israel a fresh license for a renewed spate of Palestinians’ genocide which, could result into the complete wiping out of Palestinian Muslims from the face of the world besides turning entire Palestine into Israel.  


Talking to Palestine Information Centre [PIC], the head of Pakistan’s official moon sightingcommittee, said the Egyptian wall could prove more disastrous than those of Israel and Germany since it could change the geography of the world on a large scale. Terming the wall against Islamic principles of Muslim brotherhood and helping the oppressed, he wondered why Cairo cited a flimsy argument like national security for clamping prison like restrictions on 1.5 million Palestinian Muslims languishing under extreme Israeli-Egyptian blockade for the last few years that caused deaths to thousands of patients, infants and other Palestinians.



Maulana Abdul Maalik, noted scholar and president Jamiat Ittehad-ul-Ulema, termed Cairo’s wall as anti-Islam, anti-humanity, and serious violation of the rights given by Islam, besides the ‘much talked-about’ fundamental human rights.

Maulana Abdul Maalik equated Cairo’s move with Islamabad’s U-turn on Afghan policy providing vital support to US forces to overthrow Taliban’s Islamic regime Afghanistan in the wake of 9-11.



Naqvi wondered under what Islamic Law did Al-Azhar Institution justify and aid Israeli plans of wiping out the entire Palestinian population of Gaza.

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