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Parliamentarian demands release of Menia governorate student.
Parliamentarian demands release of Menia governorate student.
Students launch new group on Facebook in support of colleagues.
MB MP Dr. Ibrahim Zanouni, professor at the Faculty of Agriculture,
Friday, January 8,2010 13:28

MB MP Dr. Ibrahim Zanouni, professor at the Faculty of Agriculture, Menia University, called for the release of the 13 MB students who were arrested while protesting against the arbitrary decisions of the dismissal of 27 of their colleagues by Menia University's administration.


In his statement to ikhwanweb.com he denounced the continued arbitrary policy of the university's administration and the intimidating of the MB students. He wondered how long the universities' administrations would continue to carry out these arbitrary policies. Zanouni raised the question "Don’t these students have the right to express their opinions freely and to carry out their student activities in universities?"


The Prosecution of Menia  had decided earlier to detain 13 MB students pending investigations after  accusing  them of damaging public properties and working to overthrow the government,  and the illegal assemblings  in front of the university in protest if the dismissal of 27 students.


In a related context, a number of students from the Menia University launched a new group on Facebook, in solidarity with their colleagues demanding their release as soon as possible, and the removal of restricting their activities, especially the activities of the MB students. The students also called for the expulsion of the university's security guards.

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