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Muslims need to make Hijra back to Islam
Muslims need to make Hijra back to Islam
As Muslims around the world mark the passage of 1430 years since the noble Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) made his pivotal hijra (emigration) from Makka to Madina, we late-comers need to reflect on the sad reality of Muslims in order to discover the extent to which this reality is inconsistent with true Islam, the Islam that the messenger of God preached and exemplified.
Monday, December 21,2009 11:38
by Khalid Amayreh PIC&Ikhwanweb

As Muslims around the world mark the passage of 1430 years since the noble Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) made his pivotal hijra (emigration) from Makka to Madina, we late-comers  need to reflect on the sad  reality of Muslims in order to discover the  extent to which this reality is inconsistent  with true Islam, the Islam that the messenger of God preached and  exemplified.

The Prophet of Islam didn’t really want to leave Makka, his native homeland which he loved immensely.

However, the universal message of surrender to God, love, and humanity to man which the Almighty commanded Muhammed to propagate superseded the prophet’s personal feelings about kin and country.

Indeed, as Makka eventually proved a soil too barren for spreading the message of freedom and justice,  another place had to be found. Hence, the hijra to Madina.

The travails of  the Hijra are eternally  recorded in the Holy Quran in Suratul Anfal:

“Remember how the Unbelievers plotted against thee, to keep thee in bonds, or slay thee, or get thee out (of thy home). They plot and plan, and Allah too plans; but the best of planners is Allah.” (Anfal-30)

The hijra was much more than a mere physical migration from Maka to Madina.  It was rather a transformation from darkness to light, from the mastery of oppression to the sovereignty of justice and from barbarianism to humanity.

As the pagan Arabs were immersed in their Jahilyya (days of ignorance), the message of Islam resonated throughout Arabia:  O man kind, We created you from a single pair of male and female and made you into nations and tribes so that you may know each other, verily, the best of you in the sight of God is the most conscious of God, for Allah is well acquainted with all that you do.”

In Hijatul Wadaa (the last or farewell pilgrimage) and as he began to feel the nearness of death, the prophet spoke to 144000 Muslims, illustrating the eternal message.
“Oh mankind! Listen well to what I say. I do not know whether I will ever meet you again at this place after this year. Behold! all practices of paganism and ignorance are now under my feet. The blood-revenge of the Days of Ignorance are remitted. Usury is forbidden.
“It is unlawful for you to shed the blood of one another or unlawfully take the fortunes of one another. They are as unlawful as shedding blood on such a day as today and in such a month as this sacred month and in such a sanctified city as this sacred city.

“The weak amongst you, feed them on what you eat, dress them as you are dressed. You will meet your God and He will call you to account for your actions. 

“Let those who are present warn those who are absent. You are all descended from Adam and the best of you are those who best regard God.

“Think deeply about what I say, let all your feuds be abolished, you must know that every Muslim is  brother of every other Muslim, and all Muslims are brothers, one to another.  Between Muslims there are no races and no tribes.

“You must not take anything from your brother except what is given freely. Don’t oppress and don’t be oppressed.

“Oh my people, I am but a man it may be that the Angel of Death will visit me soon, and death will overtake me. But I have left you a book, revealed by God, the Quran, which is light and guidance.”

And then the prophet recited the last verse of the Quran, which had just been revealed to him.

“This day, I have perfected your religion to you and completed my favor to you. And have chosen for you Islam as your religion.”

These were the golden words of Muhammed, probably the greatest man to have ever walked on earth.

Now, let us examine the present reality of the Muslim Umma in light of the Book of God and Sunna of the holy prophet (pbuh).

Today, there are very few Muslim regimes that truly follow the rules of the Sharia. Even in states that claim to follow the rules of Islam, there is so much  tyranny, oppression,  corruption and  nepotism. The Sharia is supposed to be the ultimate arbiter between men, but in reality, we see that a king, even an illiterate or semi-illiterate king in some Arab countries, serves as an absolute dictator who arrogates the three powers (the executive, Legislative and judicial combined.”

We see that  the mostly hedonistic children of these brazenly decadent  ruling families are granted  carte blanch to spread corruption and promiscuity in all  forms and also  defraud and extort  citizens  by arrogating  that which doesn’t belong to them.

In some Muslim countries, the royal families  behave as if the entire country, people, land, wealth, everything… were their possession. This pornographic tyranny is the reason why certain emirs possess tens of billions of dollars which they invest to spread corruption and moral degeneration in the land of Islam.

According to Islam, all men and women are equal before the law of God. Omar Ibn al Khattab, the second Caliph, said “the strong amongst you is weak in my sight until I take justice from him, and the weak amongst you is strong until I take justice for him.”

However, it is amply clear that in many Arab and Muslim countries, the rule of the law is applied selectively and imposed on the weak and the “un-connected,” while the influential and the well-connected escapes the rule of law.

In Islam, the ruler is supposed to be the guardian of virtue, justice, morality and decency. However, we see that the rulers in most Arab countries are the protectors and custodians of moral decadence and promiscuous conduct.

Do you know that as many as 70 promiscuous satellite stations are funded by a single Saudi emir whose country claims to adopt the Sharia as law of the land?

In Islam, a Muslim is supposed to be brother to any other Muslim, whom he should not abandon, betray or oppress let alone shed his blood.

However, when we examine the behaviors of Muslim regimes, we see that the exact opposite is taking place.

In Muslim countries, such as Iraq , Pakistan , Afghanistan , Yemen , occupied Palestine , Somalia , Muslims are killing other Muslims. This is the ultimate sin against God and man.

It is really sad that while Islam warns Muslims against taking oppressors, such as the United States, as allies, we see that regimes in countries as Iraq, Pakistan,  and even Occupied Palestine have effectively ceded their peoples’ sovereignty to  Zionist-controlled America whose killer predators  murder innocent Muslims on a daily basis.

In some cases, nominally Muslims regimes have actually stooped to the lowest level of depravity.

In Gaza for example, we see that the Egyptian regime, is effectively starving, blockading and strangling the 1.5 million citizens of Gaza, in a clear collusion with the Nazi Israeli regime, in order to obtain a certificate of good conduct from the Americans and their Zionist masters.
Needless to say, such regimes neither represent Islam nor Muslims. They only represent hypocrisy, treachery and moral depravity.
They are a cancer upon the conscience of Islam and, and the holy prophet wouldn’t be proud to have such people as his followers.

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