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Akef to remain longer
Akef to remain longer
Akef responds to pressure from the Executive Bureau to extend his term one-year proving that there is no hard feelings with the movement's bureau.
Sunday, December 6,2009 23:28

The Muslim Brotherhood Movement has faced much controversy during the last few months. The latest include allegations of the Movement's leader Mr Mohamed Mahdy Akef's premature resignation as Chairman. Electronic website Almasryoon posted denials of these allegations by Akef, which prove that he may still remain in office one more year.


It is expected that the elections are to take place for the assuming of the chairman's post this coming January where they will choose a leader from the members of the executive bureau. Earlier arrests and detentions of influential members and leaders of various administrative offices from Egyptian governorates and the bureau itself failed to deter the movements agenda, proving once again the resilience of the group.


In a statement to Mesryoon, Akef asserted that he may continue leading the group in response to pressure from the executive office revealing that there was in fact no fallout between the members of the bureau but rather differences of opinion proving his popularity among not just the bureau but the Movement's members as a whole. Akef ascertained that he may in fact remain in office but for a period no longer than one year since his loyalty to the group obligates him to stand by them as a leader  especially in these dire times where the Movement has faced much animosity from the ruling regime.


Akef may remain in office this year to follow and supervise procedures taken with regards to the elections of the Shura Council, and elections of members for the executive office bureau for the Brotherhood. However, he claims that this extension will be no longer than one year despite pressure from the group to prolong the period for a full term.

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