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A Politics of Inclusion: An Interview with Saad Eddin Ibrahim
A Politics of Inclusion: An Interview with Saad Eddin Ibrahim
Saad Eddin Ibrahim is Professor of Political Sociology at the American University in Cairo. He founded the Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies and is one of the Arab world’s most prominent spokesmen for democracy and human rights. He is an eminent and prolific social scientist – author, co-author, or editor of more than thirty-five books in Arabic and English, including Egypt, Islam and Democracy: Critical Essays (1996). Arrested by the Mubarak regime in 2000 he was sentenced to seven years’ hard labour for ’tarnishing’ Egypt’s image. After an international outcry, Egypt’s High Court cleared him of all charges in 2003.
Monday, March 19,2007 00:00
by Alan Johnson, Democratiya

Iraq is witnessing a crisis in the Middle East; this crisis emerged mainly through the involvement of the US administration led by George Bush Sr. and Goerge Bush Jr.

It is a new tragedy that recurring nowadays in the Middle East to reflect the aggressive plans and domination of the neo-conservatives over the world .

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