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NPD’s regime …  A network of fabricated lies
NPD’s regime … A network of fabricated lies
Observers predicted that the government’s crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood is accelerating in the next stage in order to remove the members so as not to oppose any expected decisions or even significant political developments in the upcoming period. Measures could include dissolving the People’s Assembly, and holding legislative or even early presidential elections.
Wednesday, July 1,2009 00:01
by Saeed Al-Abbady IkhwanWeb

The Supreme State Security prosecution decided today that Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Futuh, Member of the Executive Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Secretary-General of the Arab Doctors Union, Jamal Abdul Salam, Head of the Emergency Relief Committee of the Arab Doctors Union and the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate in 2005 elections, Reda Fahmi (North Cairo), Abdel Rahman al-Gamal (Gharbia), Dr. Osama Suleiman (Giza) and Ali Ali Al Hadidi (Port Said) remain in custody for a further fifteen days under investigations.
The prosecution accused the detainees of money-laundering, proceeds from terrorist groups in order to conceal and disguise its source and nature in addition to belonging to an outlawed group. The Defendant used terrorism as a means to achieve certain political objectives, possession of publications promoting the movement"s ideology, providing them with material aid purposes despite knowing exactly where these funds go. These accusations were the same as the former thirteen MB leader’s who were previously charged and acquitted on a court order. They were also accused of receiving donations so that they could finance the Brotherhood’s activity in Egypt.
According to leaked sources the People’s Assembly will examine the possibility of lifting the immunity on parliamentary members soon. In case it does not automatically lift with the dissolving of parliament  as is expected the lifting will be discussed in order to question three MPs listed in the issue namely Dr. Saad al-Katatni, Member of the Executive Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood and chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc in the People’s Assembly, Saad al-Husseini, and Hussein Ibrahim.
It also claimed that the Brotherhood is gearing up to launch "Al-Ummah", a new satellite channel. According to alleged documents in  reference to Al-Ahram, twenty-five million dollars have been allocated. 
According to Al-Ahram’s report included in the indictment “Coexisting with satellite television was one of the Brotherhood"s priorities, therefore, they set up a satellite channel broadcasting from London under the name of "Hewar" under the administration of Azzam Sultan Al-Tamimi, a member of Jordan’s MB movement and member of the Muslim Association of Britain.
The assumption that the "Hewar" channel started broadcasting from London almost a year ago, according to leaked information, is inaccurate where "Hewar" TV will celebrate its three year anniversary next week. This raises doubts as some observers said about the accuracy of the rest of the information published by the newspaper claiming facts in which the final verdict had already been issued and not merely claims and allegations as the prosecution itself said.
Dr. Azzam Al-Tamimi, editor-in-chief of "Hewar" TV stated that the accusations were ridiculous and if they did not know when "Hewar" TV began broadcasting, is it reasonable that they know who funded it? "Hewar" TV Channel has no connections with any political network in the Arab world. The idea came as a result of a dialogue among Arab businessmen who were looking for better ways to raise the awareness of Arab citizens, encouraging dialogue as an alternative to violence so they decided to establish "Hewar" TV.
He added that "Hewar" TV as it is widely known, hosts activists and intellectuals from all political movements. It has repeatedly hosted personalities known by their deep hostility to the "Brotherhood". In regards to myself, I am not linked to any Brotherhood movement. I have left the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan since coming to Britain in 1992, and the Muslim Association of Britain in 2004 when I went to teach in Japan while "Hewar" TV was being established in 2006.
Observers predicted that the government"s crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood is accelerating in the next stage in order to remove the members so as not to oppose any expected decisions or even significant political developments in the upcoming period. Measures could include dissolving the People’s Assembly, and holding legislative or even early presidential elections.
By the deliberate leaking of information from a leading national newspaper it seems that the regime is trying to tarnish the Brotherhood"s image through these ingenuine investigations to pass bogus planners the first is to oust the Brotherhood from the upcoming legislative elections of the People’s Assembly. Consequently turning them away from participating and running in the upcoming presidential elections. There are also strong indications of the referral of the international network of Muslim Brotherhood to a martial court hearing. It is believed there is a tendency to refer the movement of the international network of  the Muslim Brotherhood"s members Abdul Moneim Abu el-Fotouh and three other high ranking leaders who were recently arrested  to a military tribunal similar to the case of Eng. Khairat Al-Shater, as well-informed sources had reported.

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