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Gov’t committee against siege: Egypt blocking Australian delegation
Gov’t committee against siege: Egypt blocking Australian delegation
It said that Cairo should have rather facilitated entry of those solidarity teams that try to alleviate part of the suffering of the Gaza inhabitants, noting that the Australian team members were carrying with them social and educational programs that would help alleviate the suffering resulting from that siege.
Saturday, June 20,2009 17:18

The government committee against the siege announced in a statement on Saturday that the Egyptian authority was blocking an Australian solidarity delegation from entering the Gaza Strip.

It added that the ten-member Australian team has been stranded at the Egyptian Arish city for the eighth day running.

The delegates made numerous contacts to allow them access into the Strip but to no avail, the committee said, noting that the team had completed all necessary papers before arriving to Egypt.

It said that Cairo should have rather facilitated entry of those solidarity teams that try to alleviate part of the suffering of the Gaza inhabitants, noting that the Australian team members were carrying with them social and educational programs that would help alleviate the suffering resulting from that siege.

Meanwhile, the committee appreciated the international movement for the opening of Rafah crossing that has been picketing at the border terminal for the third consecutive week calling for a permanent opening of the crossing.

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