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Mishaal discusses Obama’s new language with Carter
Mishaal discusses Obama’s new language with Carter
Hamas political bureau chairman Khaled Mishaal is to discuss with former US president Jimmy Carter on Thursday in Damascus the latest speech of US president Barack Obama in Cairo.
Thursday, June 11,2009 05:19
Hamas political bureau chairman Khaled Mishaal is to discuss with former US president Jimmy Carter on Thursday in Damascus the latest speech of US president Barack Obama in Cairo.

A reliable Palestinian source told PIC that the meeting would tackle numerous other questions including the new "language" used by Obama in addressing the Islamic world.

The source, noting that the meeting is the third of its kind, said that this meeting follows Carter"s promise that he would convey Hamas"s views and stands towards various issues to the Obama administration.

He noted that the Mishaal-Carter meeting also precedes Carter"s expected visit to the Gaza Strip.

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