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Expanded Electronic Campaign Against Torture 1st July
Expanded Electronic Campaign Against Torture 1st July
The youth announced on their website “ANGRY” that the campaign will start to deploy and collect signatures from the 1st of June and will continue until the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture on 26th June 2009.
Monday, May 25,2009 13:52

A group of youth on facebook have launched an expanded campaign on internet included the facebook and a number of blogs under the title “Enough of Torture”, pointing out that in the light of the increasing rates of violations and torture of citizens, journalists and opponents there must be a stopped.
The youth announced on their website “ANGRY” that the campaign will start to deploy and collect signatures from the 1st of June and will continue until the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture on 26th June 2009.
The campaign includes many activities with regards to exposing the practices of torture and countering violations of the rights of citizens using violence and assaults as happened with some journalists who were being attacked during protests and demonstrations.
It also aims at disclosing the practices of torture in detention centres, especially what happens to the youth bloggers recently such as Mohamed Adel and Ahmed Doma.
The campaign presents a number of autobiographies of personalities which contributed in the civil disobedience and strikes throughout history.


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