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Don’t Abandon Afghan Democrats
Don’t Abandon Afghan Democrats
In a New York Times op-ed, Nader Nadery and Haseeb Humayoon are concerned over President Obama’s new Af-Pak strategy as it “avoided any reference to democracy in Afghanistan
Monday, April 20,2009 16:59

In a New York Times op-ed, Nader Nadery and Haseeb Humayoon are concerned over President Obama’s new Af-Pak strategy as it “avoided any reference to democracy in Afghanistan, while pointedly pushing democratic reforms in Pakistan…The Obama administration’s bold declaration of what is to be defeated (Al Qaeda) and absence of equal zest for what is to be built (democracy) inspires a sense of deja vu…to defeat the forces of oppression, Washington must promote and protect the ideals of democracy and human rights.”

As conservative forces increase their influence on the Afghan government and violence continues to escalate, they argue that this is “a pretty convincing demonstration that giving up ground on democracy and human rights is not helping end this war.”

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