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Pharmacists Decide to Extend the Strike until Next Saturday
Pharmacists Decide to Extend the Strike until Next Saturday
The Genral Assembly of the Pharmacists Union in Cairo which took place on Monday 16th of February has decide to continue the escalation through extending the strike until the next Saturday.
Wednesday, February 18,2009 03:52
by Mostafa Radwan and Basma Omar IkhwanWeb

The Genral Assembly of the Pharmacists Union in Cairo which took place on Monday 16th of February has decide to continue the escalation through extending the strike until the next Saturday.

Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Maqsoud (Secretary-General of the Pharmacists Union) in an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, has stressed that the General Assembly did not only strike but it also declared that it has stopped dealing with any official from the Tax Department, in response to kicking out the delegation of the Pharmacists Union by the head of the Tax Department from his office, refusing to discuss or listen to their demands.

Dr. Abdel Maqsoud stated that 85% of the pharmacies have responded to the strike from all Egyptian governorates, while the 15% left of the pharmacies are those working in coordination with the Union and the sub-committees in the governorates in order not to deprive the patient from the medicine.

It is worth mentioning that the general strike for pharmacists has started since Monday in all Egyptian governorates in accordance with the decisions of the General Assembly of the Pharmacists Union protesting against the decision of the head of the Tax Department as it teatred it as small projects and eliminated the signed agreement between it and the union as well as obliging them to keep the accounting books and to take taxes from them for the past three years, which is contrary to what has been agreed on between the Minister of Finance and the Pharmacists Union.

The strike by pharmacists comes at a time in which indicators of the rise of protests and strikes has increased and spread all over Egypt, especially after the escalation of trailer drivers crisis and their strike alongside with pharmacists.

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