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Thousands Demonstrated in Response to MB Chairman’s Call
Thousands Demonstrated in Response to MB Chairman’s Call
The demonstration was expected to take place in front of Rabia Aladaweya mosque in Nasir city but the stric security procedures and the attempts to disperse the demonstrators prevented the assembly there.
Saturday, February 7,2009 22:16
by Zahra Bassam IkhwanWeb

On Friday 06/02, thousands of Egyptians participated in a mass demonstration in Cairo and different provinces to denounce the Israeli threats to re-attack Gaza Strip and to also demand lifting the siege and opening the crossing borders with Gaza. These demonstrators came in response to the call by the MB chairman to stop the expected Israeli aggression and to demand lifting the siege.
The demonstration was expected to take place in front of Rabia Aladaweya mosque in Nasir city but the stric security procedures and the attempts to disperse the demonstrators prevented the assembly there.
It started at “Albatrawy” street, Nasir ciry, where hundrereds of people gathered and were chanting slogans supporting Gaza, calling for to opening of the crossing borders permanently and to stop exporting Egyptian gas to Israel.
Among participants was dr. Farid Ismail the MB deputy who stressed the importance of the continuity of the protest activities until the siege on Gaza is lifted and to set free the detainees at Israeli prisons .

He pointed out that moral and material support for the resistance are really important and should not be stopped no matter what challenges or fears face us.
Near the “Nouri Khattab” mosque hundreds had gathered in front of “Health Insurance Hospital” in Nasir city, holding banners supporting the resistance and denouncing the deceiving positions, which made the security forces to use violence to disperse demonstrators and to chase them in the streets and arrest some.
Egyptian security forces had imposed some restrictions in the day before the demonstration by closing some roads leading to Cairo and restrict searching in the other four entrances and placing three traps around “Rabia Aladweya” mosque in Nasir city.
At the same time of holding cairo demonstrations, in which 16 thousands person participated, other demonstrations in different governorates were talking place including “Fayoum” and MB members of the parliament participated, where MP Ragab Abu Zeid (Deputy in the Egyptian Parliament from Shebin Elkom Borough) gave a speech in which he demanded the Egyptian leadership to perform its responsibility towards Gaza Strip in the next stage and to do its duty in the task of reconstruction of the Strip to improve its image before the public opinion.
In “Fayoum”, Dr. Hassan Yousef (member of the MB parliamentary bloc) gave a speech and called for the formation of an Egyptian fact-finding committee to investigate the Israeli crimes committed against Palestinian people in Gaza.
He pointed out during his speech to the Egyptian role, that Egyptian authorities had prevented a delegation from the Egyptian parliament from entering Gaza Strip, in addition to preventing medical aid from reaching to the sector.
The mass demands in “Fayoum” and “Monofeya” were mainly stressing the need to open the crossings for aids unconditionally in addition to expelling the Israeli ambassador in Cairo.

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