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In Response to Published News on
In Response to Published News on "Global politician"
In response to the published news on internet, we strongly deny what came in the news and refuse using our name in a report about terrorism, targeting leading British Jew and advocating the destruction of Israel.
Friday, February 6,2009 06:01

In response to the published news on internet, we strongly deny what came in the news and refuse using our name in a report about terrorism, targeting leading British Jew .  

perators of a British-based Islamic website are speaking out against a charge in a British tabloid that some of its users are extremists targeting leading British Jews. The newspaper story said the alleged “targeting” is in retaliation for Israel’s invasion of Gaza. However, the site continues to carry material advocating the destruction of Israel.”


The news were published on “globalpolitician.com” by Jeremy Reynalds on 6.2.2009 where the website brought news from “The Sun” newspaper dated on 7th of Jan. as well as the website http://www.ummah.net/ikhwan.  


And a portion of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement’s Frequently Asked Questions carried on the site (www.ummah.net/ikhwan/questions.html) reads in part, “Are you saying that if a government overthrow brings an ‘Islamic’ state in Egypt, Bosnian and Iraqi problems will be solved right away?”

The answer was, “No, but it will put us on the way to solving these problems! (The Islamic religious militia) believe that the reason for our misery today is that we do not obey Allah and we do not follow his laws and his orders. An Islamic state will ... put us on the right path.””  

We assure that the administrator of “ummah” website and the website itself does not represent us in any way and we do not have any relation with it.  

We are also clarifying that “islamonline” does not belong to the Muslim Brotherhood Movement and does not represent it.  

The Muslim Brotherhood official website is www.ikhwanweb.com  

We demand a correction of these false news and more attention while quoting news.

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