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A brief Response to Zionist disinformation
A brief Response to Zionist disinformation
Indeed, these so-called "rockets" are nothing more than a desperate outcry for justice, for lifting the deadly blockade. Gaza has simply been reduced to a modern-day Auschwitz. The only difference is that Jews are now playing the role of the SS.
Tuesday, December 30,2008 06:40
by Khalid Amayreh PIC&Ikhwanweb

Zionist Hasbara operatives have been claiming that the current Israeli genocidal onslaught in Gaza is a “war against Hamas” and that it was only necessitated by the firing of Palestinian rockets on Israel.

This is a big lie. Read the following:
 “Hamas had repeatedly said it was willing and ready to stop "all" firing of projectiles from Gaza if only  Israel would  lift the  deadly blockade. And Israel repeatedly said "No."

Israel has been saying ad nauseam that it ended its occupation of Gaza. Well, why does Israel then retain its control of Gaza skies, Gaza shores, Gaza sea, Gaza border crossings (even with Egypt). Why does Israel retain its control of Gaza life? Why?

Hence, the issue of  firing "rockets"  on Israel (they are homemade projectiles that make more noise than damage), should be viewed largely as a red herring.

Effectively, Israel has been giving Palestinians in Gaza either of two choices, to die of starvation as a result of the blockade or be exterminated by the Israeli war machine.

Indeed, these so-called "rockets" are nothing more than a  desperate outcry for justice, for lifting the deadly blockade. Gaza has simply been reduced to a modern-day Auschwitz. The only difference is that Jews are now playing the role of the SS.

Hamas did meticulously observe a six-month ceasefire, despite the persistence of the Nazi-like blockade which very much resembled the Ghetto Warsaw siege in 1942-43. However, on 13 November, Israel carried out a foray into Gaza, killing 6 people.

More to the point, Israel killed 49 Palestinians during the ceasefire. Not a single Israeli was killed.

Besides, hundreds of Palestinians have perished because Israel would not allow them to access medical care or medicine. I saw many Palestinians die an agonizing death because the "light upon the nations" wouldn’t allow them to reach hospital a few blocks away.  In short, we are talking about a Judeo-Nazi state. I am saying this because when Jews think, behave and act like Nazis, they become Nazis. We must call the spade a spade, especially when it happens to be in the hands of our gravediggers.

Therefore, it is a big lie to call this war a war against Hamas. This is a Nazi-like war of extermination against the people of  Palestine.

If the war were against Hamas, as the war criminals of Tel Aviv keep claiming,  Israel wouldn’t have targeted market places, drug stores, college buildings, private homes, mosques, cultural institutions, roads, businesses, etc.

Only a state with a Hitlerian mindset would target an entire society and then claim that it  is fighting Hamas! It is simply a big lie.

So, Israel is simply carrying out a real genocide...and an indiscriminate one  for that matter.

Today, even a Jewish rabbi of imminence used the term "genocide" to describe what Israel is doing in Gaza.”

See also Amira Hass’s article in the Ha’aretz newspaper “Israel’s  war is not against Hamas, it’s against all the Palestinians.”

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