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Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Comments on Obama’s Victory
Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Comments on Obama’s Victory
In his weekly message, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Mohamed Mahdy Akef commented on the results of the latest U.S. presidential elections saying Obama’s victory is the fruit of the value of freedom enjoyed by the American people, but that the foreign policy of the U.S. under the new administration is still difficult to foresee.
Sunday, November 16,2008 10:47
by Mohamed Mahdy Akef IkhwanWeb

In his weekly message, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Mohamed Mahdy Akef commented on the results of the latest U.S. presidential elections saying Obama’s victory is the fruit of the value of freedom enjoyed by the American people, but that the foreign policy of the U.S. under the new administration is still difficult to foresee.  


Dream comes true


There is no doubt that Obama is an embodiment of the dream of millions of marginalized and oppressed Black Americans. His victory came against all expectations, especially in a society where this repugnant racism still exists to some degree.


It is not strange that this win has revived hopes of the simple people in the American society in which money and media have the main role in the elections. Peoples who are able to dream and constantly hopeful must eventually achieve their aspirations, hence tyrannical regimes painstaking efforts to lead their peoples to depression and lose all hopes of change and reform.


Imam Hassan Al Banna was keen on reminding the Muslim Brotherhood members of the meaning of hope revival. He addressed them saying: “Do not despair, for desperation is not one of Muslim moralities. Today’s realities are yesterday’s dreams and today’s dreams are tomorrow’s realities. There is still enough time. Elements of safety are still strong within the believing countries despite the dominance of corruption forms. The weak never remains weak, and the powerful never remains powerful.


Youth and change


Obama was the first candidate in the American modern history to count on youth in his presidential campaign which led to his win of 70% of voters below the age of thirty. He realized that youth in America need someone who can address them, approach them and be able to draw their attention. He succeeded in using the shortest routes to youth hearts, the internet which was one of the most effective tools of this election. For the first time, the rate of youth interest in the elections exceeds that of their interest in sports, entertainment and celebrity news. American youth decided not to leave politics in the hands of veteran politicians in Washington who drove the country into bloody wars and atrocious massacres in Afghanistan and Iraq, in addition to the economic recession and defamation of the country’s reputation.


Youth, anywhere in the world and throughout history, are the fuel of change, the propellant power of reform, therefore many preachers, combatants and reforms turned their attention to them. Imam Hassan Al Banna says in his message to the youth:


         “O youth, the idea may work out only if you truly believe in it, and work sincerely to achieve it, and boosted your zeal for it, and found the readiness to sacrifice in order for it to be fulfilled. These four pillars: faith, sincerity, zeal and work are characteristics of youth. Base of belief is a smart heart; base of sincerity is a pure heart; and base of work is strong resolve, these can only exist in youth. Therefore youth at all times are the backbone and power of the awakening of any nation, and the adherent to any idea.”


Promoting freedom


The freedom enjoyed by the American people was a vital and effective factor in the smoothness of the election process. Without freedom, such big dreams could have never come true. Obama appeared through real political parties, without bans on their headquarters, who were able to communicate freely with their supporters, and were not involved in political clashes with the regimes or security systems. Obama’s success was real; the electoral register was not false, with no cheap games to rig the votes, no security forces interfering, no casualties, deaths or chases after citizens going to vote under bombing, oppression, deterrence and terrorism.


Something happened


When Obama the black, the son of an African Muslim from Kenya, become the president of the most powerful country in the world, where it is the custom for the president to be WASP, then this means that something had changed in America. This event is associated with several factors, some of which are currently apparent, while others need some time to become clear.



 Historic chance


Though Obama’s slogan was change, it seems that it was this historic chance of the financial crisis and economic collapse that befell America on 15th September is what led Obama to win the presidency. It seemed to Americans that their economy is much more important than skin color, and their need to defuse the economic crisis exceeds their desire not to be ruled by a black man.


What’s next?


We have to put into consideration that there is difference between what was said during electioneering and would happen on the ground after the president-elect assumes office. Features of the new administration policy towards Iran and Iraq are not clear yet, though what happened so far from appointing certain characters to certain jobs and the other nominations does not bring comfort.


Any change in the US foreign policy especially towards our region will not near the fixed American policy on the Palestinian cause, which is the total support of the Zionist entity and protection of its security under the current Arab division and separation.


However, we must not count much or little on the new American administration. As much as we depend on our abilities and potential, we can then impose in the world of politics what corresponds with our interests, values and principles. We do not believe that Arabs and Muslims with their strategic geographical position, oil control, and the money pursued by the American stock markets and banks, would be less influential than the Zionist occupation and its hegemonic organizations. We only have to possess the will.


Arab and Islamic countries should expect nothing of worth. Let the great values of Islam be the guide to help them achieve their aims and goals. Let the way to reach a revival and progress in all fields be the divine method in manners and ideology, as well as knowledge, planning and administration. They have to rely solely on their personal abilities in order to reach reform and change. They have to unleash the power of youth in our countries to fulfill their hopes and our hopes of change and reform, by liberation of civil liberties, abolition of the emergency state and laws restricting individual freedom.


Arab and Islamic countries should also believe that fighting occupation by all possible means is a legitimate right and the way to liberate the land and save our sanctities, especially in a world that accepts only the strong and powerful.


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