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IOA allows limited fuel supplies into Gaza
IOA allows limited fuel supplies into Gaza
The Israeli occupation authority on Tuesday allowed limited shipments of fuel into the Gaza Strip to operate the power station, which came to a complete halt last night due to lack of fuel.
Tuesday, November 11,2008 04:37
The Israeli occupation authority on Tuesday allowed limited shipments of fuel into the Gaza Strip to operate the power station, which came to a complete halt last night due to lack of fuel.

Mahmoud Al-Shawwa, the chairman of the union of petrol stations, said that the IOA promised to allow fuel shipments for the station for three days if no missile was fired from the Strip.

Shawwa noted that the Strip was suffering an acute cooking gas shortage, which he said would be channeled to the Strip within two days.

Israeli security sources said that full fuel supplies to the Strip would not be restored at the moment, and added that all commercial crossings would remain closed for an indefinite period.

Many areas in Gaza were out of power for the second day today after the IOA blocked entry of fuel for seven days at the pretext locally made missiles were fired from Gaza at Israeli targets.

The Hebrew radio reported that IOF soldiers detained a Palestinian with a pipe bomb at a roadblock south east of Jenin city.

The IOF troops at dawn Tuesday rounded up nine Palestinians in Al-Khalil district, local sources reported.

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