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Anti-siege committee unveils a memorial for the victims of the siege
Anti-siege committee unveils a memorial for the victims of the siege
The popular anti siege committee has inaugurated on Monday a memorial to commemorate the victims who fell as a result of the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip that has been imposed almost two years ago
Tuesday, October 28,2008 11:29

The popular anti siege committee has inaugurated on Monday a memorial to commemorate the victims who fell as a result of the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip that has been imposed almost two years ago.

MP Jamal Al-Khudari, head of the committee, delivered a speech at the ceremony stressing that the memorial sends a message to the world to end its silence and to pressure the Israeli occupation authority to end the siege.

He noted that the memorial commemorates the 225 victims who fell, so far, as a result of the travel ban and restrictions on the entry of medicines into the Strip.

The memorial would remain as a witness for occupation"s oppressiveness and aggression, he said, adding that it will also highlight the result of IOA tight siege and its destructive effect on all aspects of life in the Strip. It will further serve as a witness to the patience and steadfastness of one and a half million Palestinians in the Strip, the MP elaborated.

Khudari then noted that the popular committee is finalizing preparations to receive the free-Gaza boat that is due to set sail from Cyprus on Tuesday heading to Gaza with a shipload of medicines along with foreign sympathizers.

The ceremony was attended by acting PLC speaker Dr. Ahmed Bahar and representatives of Palestinians factions along with Father Manuel Musallam head of the Catholic community in Gaza, who delivered a speech calling on the world to give the Palestinian people their freedom. "We do not beg for our livelihood but we want our freedom," he asserted.

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