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Islamic bloc in Azhar University decries smearing campaign
Islamic bloc in Azhar University decries smearing campaign
GAZA, The Islamic bloc ( the academic wing of Hamas Movement) in the Fatah-controlled Azhar University has accused Thursday the university administration and the Fatah Shabiba bloc of leading a smearing campaign against it.
Saturday, October 18,2008 13:46


GAZA, The Islamic bloc ( the academic wing of Hamas Movement) in the Fatah-controlled Azhar University has accused Thursday the university administration and the Fatah Shabiba bloc of leading a smearing campaign against it.


The bloc also confirmed that the university administration and the Shabiba were to blame for the unfortunate incidents that occurred in the university campus over the past couple of days "for not reciprocating the positive stands of the Islamic bloc".


In a statement he issued in response to the university and Shabiba allegations, the spokesman of the Islamic bloc Ashraf Al-Ghafri affirmed, "Those allegations were baseless, and we believe there were suspicious hands working behind the scenes that was behind the violent acts that occurred on the campus".


"We are the keenest party on developing this educational edifice and uplift its students higher levels; yet those who attempt to distort and tarnish our image were known for their black records in beating professors and placing and detonating bombs under their chairs", asserted Ghafri.


Ghafri also reiterated his bloc"s readiness to bite the wounds and to extend their hands again to the university administration to work together for the good of the university and for the benefit of the students.


But he complained that no one in the University administration was willing to reciprocate the bloc"s positive stands, stressing that what had happen Thursday was a peaceful sit-in sanctioned by the University rules and regulations to protest the arbitrary dismissal of five students.


Yet, he added, the assault of Shabiba members on a female student affiliated with the Islamic bloc, who was rushed to the hospital and reportedly in critical condition, sparked the unfortunate clashes.


"What really surprised us was the twisting of facts on the part of the University administration as it knows very well that the Shabiba members were behind the criminal acts, including breaking the chairs and hurling hand grenades among other criminal acts, that took place on the campus; yet the administration insist on accusing the Islamic bloc of doing those acts… it seems they (panel of the university administration) want to send a message to their bosses [in Ramallah]", confirmed Ghafri.   



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