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Hamada Abdul Latif’s Ordeal Recounted by Family
Hamada Abdul Latif’s Ordeal Recounted by Family
Doctor told us that his backbone was
Then, they removed his shirt, and the officer Al-Sayyed- put his foot on my husband’s neck and painfully pressed on it, while the soldiers were beating him all over his body. My husband was screaming and said:" I feel that my backbone has exploded".
Friday, October 17,2008 04:01
by ikhwanWeb IkhwanWeb


*State security officer challenged the school be opened even with a presidential decree!

*Central security soldiers assaulted and severely beat my husband; I didn"t expect him to be paralyzed

* The doctor told us that his backbone was "crushed" and did not believe that it was due to beating

*The victim heard officers agreeing on throwing him outside hospital and report that he escaped

*When they lost hope in kidnapping him, they stole his medical records and left him for 18 hours in the emergency section

*What he first said after regaining consciousness was:" I know the ones who beat me, I can recognize them"



Grief and weeping overshadow an Alexandria house- once overwhelmed with joy after the elder daughter joined the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University , after the younger daughter succeeded in the Prep school exams with a grade over 96% and after other children succeeded in various classes.


We met this sad family after its sole breadwinner was paralyzed by the security forces because he only wanted his young children to go to school. A small family- once dreaming of a prosperous future- is currently restricting all its ambitions to the safe recovery of its breadwinner, Hamada Abdul Latif, from the current health crisis.


ikhwanweb.com visited the house of Hamada Abdul Latif who is working as a manager as an oil company, to know what happened in front AlJazeera School on Wednesday Sept, 24th, 200, especially after posting a footage showing a police officer beating Hamada Abdul Latif.


To know details of this tragedy, we met members of the family which consists of the mother, the elder daughter (a fresh student at the Faculty of Medicine), Salsabil ( a first year secondary student), Abdullah (a six year primary student), Israa (fourth year primary school 9 years) and Mariam (KG student).


ikhwanweb: We asked his wife about what happened, she said:


Wife: It all started on Wednesday Sept, 24th, 2008, when I went with my husband to accompany our two girls, Israa (fourth year primary student) and Mariam (KG student) to school, after the school administration phoned us and told us that it won a ruling that allows it to reopen. On he way to school, we were stunned by myriads of police forces arresting any one coming near the school. I saw big numbers of parents accompanying their children but were arrested by the police. When we reached the school gate, the security ordered us back home. We told them that the school phoned us and told us that it won a court ruling, but an officer said that there is no school and that if the president himself came, he would never be given access to the school.


This enraged some parents and some of them said:" This is illegal and unfair. Where shall our children study specially as the school year has already. When the parents" voice became louder, the officers were ordered to assault and beat them. Myriads of soldiers started to assault and beat the parents with electrocuted batons. They arrested some of us and even assaulted and beat female parents women and said unheard before bad names. When the female parents tried to escape, they hunted them for long distances and arrested any one they manage to catch.


In the midst of this, I was stunned by 6 central security elements plus an officer- later identified as Al-Sayyed Mohamed Al Sayed- attacking my husband. They snatched little daughter Mariam from him- he was carrying her on his shoulder- and threw her in the street and started to severely beat him. When I saw this- I was carrying my daughter Israa- I chased them and took my husband by the leg to rescue him from their sever beating.


Then, they removed his shirt, and the officer Al-Sayyed- put his foot on my husband"s neck and painfully pressed on it, while the soldiers were beating him all over his body. My husband was screaming and said:" I feel that my backbone has exploded". When I called for help, the officer threatened that he will arrest me and ordered me to go away. Then, they took him away in the midst of a spate of insults and bad names. I didn"t imagine that this beating will reach a quadriplegia. I thought It was a normal injury because all parents were beaten and injured by the officers and soldiers. However, I noticed that my husband was beaten to die not to intimidate. The doctor who carried out the surgery for my husband told me that his backbone was "crumbled and crushed", a case that happens only when the one falls from a high floor, not when a person is beaten by another.


Getting rid of Hamada


ikhwanweb: What happened after that? where have you spotted your after this?


Wife: After he was arrested, I phoned my brother in law who conducted the search in the Security Directorate, police stations and everywhere till we were informed of his place by a student who was detained with him. He told us that my husband is in the public hospital. We knew later that when he restored consciousness, he heard some officers planning to throw him outside hospital and tell the police that he escaped and that he faced an accident that led to all these injuries in his body.

When he heard this, my husband immediately demanded a nurse bring him a doctor whom he told the whole scheme. Although he is a young trainee doctor, but he courageously challenged the officers and said to them:" You will take him only on my dead body". When their hope for kidnapping my husband failed, the officers stole all his medical records and my husband was left in the emergency room for more than 18 hours, although he required a surgery to cure the injuries. Then, a brain surgeon came and immediately ordered him undergo two surgeries.


ikhwanweb: What was the initial check-up of your husband"s injuries?


Wife: The initial diagnosis was a quadriplegia because of a fracture in a neck vertebra and 80 % cut in the spinal cord, a fracture in the ribs, a bleeding in the stomach, one of lungs stopped functioning plus other injuries like bruises and wounds in various parts of the body.


ikhwanweb: Why do you think the security escalated the situation in the school to such an unacceptable limit?


Wife: I think because AlJazeera school is so distinguished and educates a distinguished generation. My daughter has been studying in it for years, but I don"t know why it has reached such a particular confrontation.


ikhwanweb: Your husband is in the public hospital and he has undergone two surgeries, how is he doing now?


Wife: My husband is still in the public hospital. He is under heavy security guard and is denied visits except for first degree relatives.


Visiting Hamada


ikhwanweb: How was he doing before the surgeries?


Wife: I met him 1 1/2 hours before the surgery, on Thursday Sept, 25th, 2008, at 6.00AM, and 18 hours after he was beaten and crushed by the soldiers. His room and the hospital were heavily guarded by myriads of central security elements. At first, they denied me access to see him with my daughters Israa and Mariam who were hysterically crying all night long. After long negotiations, the policemen agreed to allow me to see husband for one single minute before he undergoes the surgeries.


I entered and saw my husband with an artificial neck. He couldn"t speak but I urged him be patient. Only moments, the officer ordered me to get out. Then I saw him on the same day before he underwent the second surgery. His first words were:" I know very well who beat me and crushed my bones. I can pick and identify him from millions", then he stopped talking out of fatigue and illness.


He was mostly speaking about the one who paralyzed him, that he will avenge, that officers were calling him "Sayyed Beyh", lieutenant colonel A-Sayyed Mohamed Al Sayed, the deputy commissioner of Mina Al-Bassal police station.


The revenge


ikhwanweb: It is clear that your husband speaks about revenge, what about the rest of the family?


Wife: All the family wants- after my husband is cured- only revenge against the one who paralyzed him. All the family is ruined. My daughter- afresh student in the Faculty of Medicine- studied nothing since her father faced this. There is no such appropriate atmosphere for superiority at school and university after this calamity. My daughters wake up frightened of in the middle of the night because of what happened to their breadwinner.


ikhwanweb: What kind of revenge are you seeking?


Wife: My family knows and fully respects law. We will sue this officer and any other one involved in this crime. We will never give in even if it reaches contacting international human rights organizations. We will do our best to have our legal rights.


ikhwanweb: How did know the officer who beat and paralyzed your husband?


Wife: Only by chance. When my husband was preparing to undergo a surgery in the hospital, a prosecutor came to hospital to interrogate him in a complaint filed by officer Al-Sayyed Mohamed Al Sayed who accuses my husband of attacking and beating him in front of AlJazeera school. We knew later that he filed this complaint against my husband after his health condition aggravated to rattle his stance in case he sues him. Although we filed a complaint against him and after redording what happened to my husband, this officer is still free.


Collapse of a family


ikhwanweb: When you sit by yourself and recall all this, how do you feel?


Wife: When I recall what happened, I feel that my family has collapsed after its breadwinner is paralyzed. My children are frightened all the time. MY elder daughter plans no to attend university exams this year. The middle daughter is in a fresh student at the high school and she does not want to go to school and wants to staying beside her father.


What happened is illegal, unacceptable and unreasonable. I wonder if this happened in a European country, how will the perpetrator be punished, I think he will face a fair trial through which he would be punished without taking into consideration that he is an officer. The Prime Minister of the Zionist entity- Ehud Olmert- is currently standing trial because of bribery while we can"t in Egypt sue even an officer.


It isn"t only the case of Hamada Abdul Latif. It is the case of a whole nation. If Hamada fails in taking his legal rights, necks of all the Egyptians will be crushed by the feet of the same officer who crushed my husband"s neck.


ikhwanweb: Do you want to add any thing?


Wife: Doctors recommended that that my husband be sent abroad for treatment no more than 20 days after the date f his injury. They recommend Germany . I call on- through this interview- the Oil Minister and any one who can help to help my husband travel abroad for treatment as the fate of this family is at the stakes after its only breadwinner is paralyzed.


Hamada humiliated


ikhwanweb: After speaking with his wife, we spoke with his elder daughter, and asked her how she knew of what heapened to her father?


Elder daughter: On that Wednesday, I was not with my father and my mother at AlJazeera school. I was along with my father and younger sister staying in the mosque as usual in the last ten days of Ramadan every year. My father left the mosque on Wednesday morning to take my sisters to school. However, I was worried about him for no reason and phoned him but his mobile was shut down then I phoned my mother who told me that my father has traveled on a mission and asked me to end the call. After the fast-braking meal, my brother honed me and told me that my father is at the police station after he was arrested in front of the school. I phoned mother who confirmed this adding he was arrested along with 25 other parents in front of the school.


When I came home on Wednesday evening, my mother told me nothing but younger sister Israa told me that " the officer trod on my father"s neck with his big shoe in front of me and my father fainted". I I did not believe what she said and said:" Certainly there is something wrong. It is impossible for this to happen. When I asked mother about this, she said:" Wish your father a safe recovery". I though that my father"s is only an ordinary injury and I did not know that it reached quadriplegia.


On the following day, my mother was holding an interview with a websites and I heard her saying father has a rupture in the spinal cord and suffers from quadriplegia. At first, I did not believe what I heard but I went to hospital to visit him. I didn"t want to see him but I decided to enter.




ikhwanweb: What did you first said to your father?


Elder daughter: I was trying to choke back my tears. I noticed choked tears in my father"s eyes and asked him:" Why do you cry". I do not cry. I wished I could break may fast today with the messenger peace be upon him (in paradise). He said that when he faced that he recalled Dr Abdel Aziz Al-Rantisi and Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, and said:" We should remain restive and steadfast so that we can take our rights". He demanded the lawyer who was with us in room to file a lawsuit against the Interior Minister and the officer who committed this against him.


ikhwanweb: Do you miss your father?


Elder daughter: My father has been a very distinguished father. He is my best friend. He was helping me in my studies, was accompanying me to exams. When I joined the Faculty of Medicine, he was very happy. He was taking us to outdoor trips and picnics. He has been advising us to love our homeland Egypt . When I was telling him that I don"t want to live in Egypt , he would say:" If we left Egypt , we would leave it a prey to oppressors. We should reform it instead of escaping from it".


I need my father more than he needs me. I can"t imagine my life without him. With this crime, they ended my inner happiness, and my inner peace. All my friends are happy about joining the faculty and becoming medicine students. When I bout the medicine students white uniform, I stressed on making him the first one to see me wearing it but He saw this at hospital.


I love my school


As for Israa, a sight witness who was at the scene of the crime committed against her father, she said:" My father was beaten and my mother was insulted. They attacked us and said very bad names. I saw my father stretched on the ground and the officer was trotting on his neck.


ikhwanweb: When did I see your father for the first time after this?


Israa: I saw my father for the first time on Thursday morning. He asked me to steadfast, and I went out quickly.

Israa said she wasn"t able to speak with her father since he was paralyzed because she cries vehemently whenever she sees him to the extent that she can"t kiss him


"When I see my father stretched on the hospital bed, I can"t choke back my tears as I have never seen my father in such a state" she said gazing at the future.




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