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Iraq:Some Parties Refuse To Complete The Security Agreement
Iraq:Some Parties Refuse To Complete The Security Agreement
Some Parties Refuse To Complete The Security Agreement, For Internal And External Reasons, Says Al-Samarrai
Thursday, October 2,2008 16:51

 Abdul Karim Al-Samarrai (member of Iraqi Accord Front) confirmed that some parties of the dialogue do not want to complete the security agreement for several reasons, some are internal and others are external, so he put away that the security agreement between the Iraqi and the American sides will be completed soon, pointing out that there are number of Files and outstanding issues in this regard, in which both sides have not reached to common solutions, this is according to Iraqi Islamic Party site.

Al-Samarrai pointed out to the files that have not been resolved in the agreement which are (the issue of powers, scheduling the withdrawal of the American forces, and characterizing the existence of the American forces, their places of deployment, and the functions performed by them), and he confirmed that all these files are still dispute points between Iraqi and American sides, and the lack of real will between the two sides is the real obstacle to complete this agreement, but not the texts of the agreement itself.

He stressed on the need to finish this file, calling for not seeking to change the negotiated delegations from time to time, as this is the cause behind delaying the process of negotiations.

Press sources confirmed the American positive response to the Iraqi security demands, hinting that the coming hours would witness the self-determination of the security agreement between Baghdad and Washington, at the time that the Iraqi negotiated delegation is discussing an American response to the Iraqi demands, including proposals between the two sides to resolve the dispute on the powers of the American forces and their legal immunity.


 The American ambassador in Baghdad accused Iran of trying to intervene in the American Iraqi negotiations, and he demanded an interview with the "Associated Press" agency to look upon Iraq through a strategic patience.


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