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New Voices Against Unconditional Support to Israel Getting Momentum in U.S.
New Voices Against Unconditional Support to Israel Getting Momentum in U.S.
The Council for the National Interest (CNI), founded by former Congressman Paul Findly, launched a campaign to lobby U.S. Congress to stop U.S. aid to Israel unless Israel “follows through with measures that are deemed essential for peace” according to the petition sent to members of Congress.
Tuesday, August 12,2008 09:18
by Khaled Salam IkhwanWeb

The Council for the National Interest (CNI), founded by former Congressman Paul Findly, launched a campaign to lobby U.S. Congress to stop U.S. aid to Israel unless Israel “follows through with measures that are deemed essential for peace” according to the petition sent to members of Congress.


A statement on the CNI website reads “As Israel continues to expand its illegal settlement activity, blockade Gaza, expand the Apartheid Wall, limit Palestinian movement, and apply collective punishment measures, the U.S. is deemed responsible for funding these measures.  This approach greatly diminishes U.S. credibility among Middle Eastern moderates, and creates fodder for the radicals”


“Continued aid to Israel must be contingent upon its willingness to follow through with measures that are deemed essential for peace: Israel must stop seizing additional Palestinian land, checkpoints must be dismantled, and the building of settlements must be halted”


It is unclear how successful this campaign will be or what impact it will have, if any, especially in light of the strong influence the pro-Israel lobby in the U.S has on the highest decision making circuits in the government and Congress.


The campaign, however, represent a new voice that’s getting momentum in the U.S. speaking up against U.S. unconditional support to Israel and its implications on U.S. interests and security.


Earlier this year, the JStreet.org, which is a new pro-Israel, pro-peace lobby was founded in the U.S. by liberal American Jewish activists to promote meaningful American leadership to end the Arab-Israeli and Palestinian-Israel conflicts peacefully and diplomatically, and support a new direction for American policy in the Middle East and a broad public and policy debate about the U.S. role in the region,  according the statement on their website.


Click here to sign the petition. Below is template of the petition letter CNI asked supporters to send to their congress representatives.


“This letter is to urge you not to support military aid to Israel for Fiscal Year 2009. I am also asking you to urge your colleagues on the Appropriations Committee to curtail support so long as the Israelis continue to violate the US Arms Export Control Act, the Foreign Assistance Act, and refuse to dismantle their illegal settlements, barriers and checkpoints in the West Bank, and continue to imprison the Palestinians in Gaza under concentration camp conditions”.


Israeli policy also violates stated US policy that a two-state solution is the best road to peace in that region. While Israeli leaders publicly endorse this approach, their “actions on the ground” effectively make a solution impossible.


This reality has existed for decades and is certainly one of the root causes of radicalism against the US among Muslims around the world. We are, in effect, enabling Israel to cause the United States enormous foreign policy problems resulting in unnecessary conflicts with a number of countries in the Middle East. It’s wrong for the victims in Palestine and elsewhere, and for the United States.


I’m sure that you will agree that the first consideration on any US policy, military aid or otherwise, is the real impact it will have on American interests, not those of a foreign country and its supporters.


I appreciate your consideration of my views and hope that you will take action to help reverse this destructive policy.

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stopping US support of israel bwilliams
The atrocities, injustices, and propoganda that Israel is allowed to get away with is unbelievable to any thinking,clear mind....I will support the CNI-Findly initiative now that I've heard of like-minded people. Thank you...
Saturday, October 10,2009 07:35
Israel is antiewish creation. Sher Mohammad
Why the MB start focusing on an alternative remedy for the beleaguered Jews in the event a looming lethal threat from the heavens strike the Zionist gangsters intreaguing in the secularist Knesset against the Hebrew god? Someone in the Arab world need only display the writing on the wall that Israel\'s very concept and creation is not Jewish - Israel is a profane state. How can a bunch of atheist Zionists exise the \"exile\" imposed by the Hebrew God? MB need having a breadth of vision. on\'t frighten the already disenchanted Jewish majority in the diasporas for their future. Offer them a hand of friendship by dangling before them an imminent aftermath of a lethal strike from the hevans on the Zionists and feed them over a sweet dream of a \"Safe Haven\" by the vewry Palestinians whom the Zionists has planned to kill and evacuate from the Palestinians own land...I have done this by placing these views to Presidents, Obama and Simon Peres. Both have listened...
Saturday, September 4,2010 20:18
Islam Dennis
Islam is nothing more than a "deception" that has been put upon a people for over 1,300 years. The prophet was no more than a pedophile, who led his followers into battle, killing, raping and murdering those who would not submit. There is no 'paradise' awaiting any Islamic believer. You have been deceived, but that will be no excuse before God on Judgement Day. Gain your salvation through Christ the Lord.
Wednesday, February 2,2011 22:53
The world is set up to protect & worship Zionism. John Whistleblower.
When all of Palestine (before 1917) is freed & all the murdering Zionists are excecuted will there be any form of peace.There will be no other form of negotiation nor will there be any forgiving or mercy towards the criminals. That means all soldiers & government officials in all their forms past & present!Unless of course they can bring back to life all the Palestinians they killed since 1917, & give back all of the wealth they stole from them, undo all of the humiliation they subjected them to & so on.I was young, very young when I witnessed the masscres or should we call it the butchery of Sabra & Shatila in 1982. But I still remember the Zionists' idea of peace talks. They had fooled all 5000 people in those Palestinians camps to surrender their weapons & sit down for peace talks. Upon witnessing the massacres I swore to never forget or fogive, & that vegeance/justice must be administered in this life before the next. I can still hear the voices of the women being raped before they were killed, the voices of children running around terrified only to get caught & have their throats slit, the voices of the pregnant women that had their wombs cut open & the screams of the their prematurely pulled out babies as well as the scenes of those babies being beheaded. I can still see senior citizens having their skull crush with axes, their throats slit,...etc. It took them 2 days to murder all 5000 Palestinians in those camps. & it happened with the blessing of the U.S. & the U.N. who ensured there was a total media black out. It took 28 years to finally get the Muslim Arab countries to uprise with 36 more Muslim countries to go. So now that the tide is at last turning & the end of that demonic coward Zionist regime is coming to an end, we hear these, all of a sudden, nice Jews & Zionists, & pro peace fellow Americans come out of the wood work, & claim to be all for peace & ride the winning tide. How conveniently easy is it to be with the winners I ask you? & where were you when the murders, the persecution, the humiliation, & expulsion of the locals (Palestinians) were & have been subjected to since 1917 & to the present day? I was there! As fate would have it I happened to be the only American there with my father visiting the camps of Sabra & Shatila. Who would have thought that United States citizens would be witness & later blow the whistle. I was young, very young. Too young to witness such evil! But it made me strong & determined today to eradicate the Zionist regime. I know all too well who was behind it. So much so that I can still remember the faces of every murderer! I can also remember it was Aeriel Sharon's work of art. I can also remember that it was the Zionists who sealed off the camps, hired the thugs only because as the world knows there is no one on the planet more coward than a Jew Zionist. They hired those Phalangist militia guys because they were too scared to fight women, children, senior citizens unarmed no less LoL. The Zionists provided training, weapons, lighting, & even quickly cleaned up the crime scene using bulldozers to bury all the evidence before the reporters could photograph their evil work. If the Zionist army had nothing to do with it then why hurry up to clean up the crime scene I ask?! They used those thugs as a shield to spear head the murders. Then when they ascertained that there were no weapons in the camps they finally got the guts up to move in. Talk about cowardice. There is no way I could mix or confuse Hebrew, Yedish, English, as well as other Eastern European languages spoken by the murders with Arabic! some of them were wearing different uniforms while others had the official Zionist uniforms. I know that because I was there! How tough can one be to shoot unarmed women, children, senior citizens, from the safety of my country's state of the art tanks, helicopters, F16's, & M4 rifles?! I think Hezboallah proved that point beyond the shadow of a doubt back in 2006 So far the Zionists have been living in a state of delusion. Fighting unarmed people. Imagine if the likes of the brave brothers that are fighting in Iraq & Afghanistan were to finally get to Palestine! A young brave Palestinian kid taught me this chanting when I went to visit last year. "Khaibar Khaibar ya yahud, djaishu Mohammed sa ya'uud". Soon Incha Allah. Soon I replied to him. P.S. why is it that my fellow Americans conveniently turn a blind eye to our goverment's criminal implications?!
Thursday, March 3,2011 16:20
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