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Abul-Futuh Rebukes Interior Ministry over Traffic Law
Abul-Futuh Rebukes Interior Ministry over Traffic Law
MP Saber Abul-Futuh (member of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary Bloc) criticized the Ministry of Interior for citizens’ lack of awareness of the new traffic law.
Tuesday, August 12,2008 05:40

MP Saber Abul-Futuh (member of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary Bloc) criticized the Ministry of Interior for citizens" lack of awareness of the new traffic law.


Addressing the Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, and Minister of Managerial Development, he said that the total amount collected from traffic violations, within 48 hours of executing the new traffic law, reached one million Egyptian pounds, which proves the society"s ignorance of the rules, articles, and penalties of the law.


Abul-Futuh added, "It is assumed before the execution of the law that the authorities make sure that the prerequisites of the law are met such as: designating enough parking spaces for the cars, designing traffic signs to alert people, launching a strong media campaign for spreading awareness on the articles of the law, unlocking the closed garages under the buildings, training traffic officers in the new law to guarantee fair and appropriate execution of the law, expanding the construction of multi-level garages in the public squares and those near governmental services, withdrawing the cars that are not suitable for transporting passengers and that put citizens" life in danger, and preventing the modification of garage licenses to stores or manufacturing work."


"Why didn"t the Ministry of Interior launch a media campaign to spread awareness on the law?  Or is the goal just to collect money?  And why didn"t the Ministry of Local Government issue the governorates instructions to swiftly unlock the garages below the buildings to accommodate the cars instead of waiting and spending the night out on the streets?" he questioned.

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