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April 6 Youth Strike Before the Prosecutor General
April 6 Youth Strike Before the Prosecutor General
A group of April 6th activists organized a sit-in before the prosecutor general’s office calling for the release of all detainees.
Thursday, July 31,2008 05:31

A group of April 6th activists organized a sit-in before the prosecutor general"s office calling for the release of all detainees.

This took place after the release of April 6th detainees who were arrested due to organizing a march during the anniversary of 23rd July revolution in Alexandria.

Diyaa Al-Sawi (April 6th Youth spokesperson)underscored that the release order was passed  two days ago; however  security bodies still harass the detainees; especially the Cairenes.

Ikhwanweb reporters say that April 6th detainees reached 14 persons who were detained last 23rd July. They were released after intensive rallies and protests.

Further, some journalists belonging to Al-Badeel and Al-karamah newspapers have organized a sit-in at the Journalists" Syndicate main gate in protest against the prosecution abstinence from releasing Yusuf Sha`baan and Muhammad Mahmoud though being ordered released two days ago.

The Youth called for the cancellation of the (Illegitimate) State Security Body and warned against ignoring the rulings passed by the court ordering the release of the youth who were arrested at Alex"s beach and charged with threatening Egypt"s national security and attempting to collapse the ruling regime! And said they will go on their march regardless of threats and arrests.

Israa Abdul-Fattah (April 6th movement"s boss as described by the State Security) expressed worry about her colleagues who suffer in the prisons same like what she suffered before.

Demonstrators criticized the passive attitude of the Journalists" Syndicate head Makram Muhammad Ahmad towards the arrest of journalists and described the horrible security presence as beasts waiting for the preys.

There have been hand-to—hand fight between the syndicate head and Muhammad Abdul-Quddos head of the Freedoms Committee who organized the protest. The syndicate head described Abdul-Quddos as "chaotic and clown" for orchestrating the protest before the symposium of professor Butros Ghazi head of the National Center For Human Rights. But the demonstrators refused to turn away before meeting Butros.

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