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MB PA Candidate Complains of Security Harassment
MB PA Candidate Complains of Security Harassment
Muslim Brotherhood candidate for Desouq constituency in Kafr El Sheikh governorte Ragab El Banna complained from continuous harassment by security police since he was released from jail.
Monday, July 7,2008 10:24

Muslim Brotherhood candidate for Desouq constituency in Kafr El Sheikh governorte Ragab El Banna complained of continuous harassment by security police since he was released from jail.     


In his statement to Ikhwanweb, he said that four security personnel with motorcycles are positioned in front of his house since his release.


"They follow me everywhere, even when I go to the mosque for prayer," he told Ikhwanweb. 


He added that he is not surprised at these actions from a police state that has never endorsed democracy nor allowed for real electoral competition.  


El Banna was detained in the massive round up of MB members prior to local elections and was released by the prosecution. He was detained once again after the Interior Ministry accused him of incitement against security forces and causing damages to police cars.


The General Committee for Elections decided to renew suspended parliamentary elections in Desouq constituency, in which El Banna is one of the major candidates. He was released by a ministerial decision on Friday.


He said after being released that he intends to run for elections, confirming that detention will not discourage him from practicing his constitutional right.

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