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El Shater to be catheterizing
El Shater to be catheterizing
Engineer Khairat Al-Shatter- who has been sentenced for seven years in the military tribunal against the MB leaders- will be operated on tomorrow for heart catheterizing due to severely suffering from deteriorating health and repeated heart attack in jailing.
Sunday, May 25,2008 17:17

Engineer Khairat Al-Shater, deputy chairman of the MB who has been sentenced to seven years in prison by a military tribunal, will be operated on tomorrow for heart catheterizing due to severely suffering from deteriorating health and repeated heart attack in jailing.


Zahraa Al-Shater, his daughter, said that physicians decided to go through the operation after severely suffering from that disease and after results of cardiography.

 Al Shater has suffered earlier illnesses during his 16 months detention period while the tribunal sessions took place before a verdict was reached last month. 

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