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The strikers’ strike
The strikers’ strike
From the Egyptian scene
If someone was destined to visit Egypt on the 6th of April, 2008 and came back on the 4th of may in the same year he wouldn’t believe that he is visiting the same country and dealing the same people.
Saturday, May 10,2008 14:23

If someone was destined to visit Egypt on the 6th of April, 2008 and came back on the 4th of may in the same year he wouldn"t believe that he is visiting the same country and dealing the same people.

A huge difference between Egypt surrounded by security in every street and square within a state of furious societal rage as in the first day and peaceful calm Egypt in the second day which shows the possibilities and the lessons that must be dealt with and taken into consideration to guarantee the societal stability and to overcome the obstacles and challenges which surrounds the citizens" lives and threatens the peace and the harmony as supposed to control the society and insure the harmony between the government and the people.

The 6th of April 2008 strike in general was an expression of the public"s furious rage , the deteriorating conditions of the society , the poor standards of living and the lower income averages of the citizens" majority, discussed in a lot of researches one of them assured that the richest 20% of the society get about 63% of the national income while the poorest 20% get only about 14% which shows the huge gap between the income averages and the life standards which caused the explosion of the successive and the escalating different forms of protests it"s most prominent feature was the absence of the political theorization and it"s focus on the living demands moreover it came from outside the political elites which it"s stability in position for long decades almost turned it into an antique it"s value lays in age rather than quality.

The call for the 6th of April strike came from a side that was ignored by the authorities -although it proved to have a huge effect on the people minds- the World Wide Web (the internet) which attracted enormous numbers of youth rejecting the harsh reality but still unable to change it, and in the same time don"t believe in the parties action within it"s governing restrictions so they turned to the hypotheses space where they tried to exchange their visions and thoughts of the society and ways to improvement and change it, depending on the authority"s total confidence in it"s success -despite the state of sintering that infected it"s limbs- in killing any kinds of public moves demanding reformation or change and also party"s who leaders lived all their lives behind Ronit machines and old outdated printers that they used in their old time struggles with the authority and the rules they were against , and it was hard for them to believe the new technology that created new ways that can be used in the aspired struggle.

As for the 4th of may 2008 the day that the hypothesis fighters chose to repeat the successful protesting form with the authority that came almost close in its form and results to the worse nightmares of the people who were responsible for its success and the dreams of those who were trying to kill it, as the day passed without any worth mentioned events as the people headed to their jobs with seldom absence in the governmental institutions, companies, schools and universities as the protesting stands turned into symbolic forms in few places (as in the lawyers" union) there were even some traffic jambs in some sectors in Cairo as if it wasn"t Sunday the vacation of lots of companies and shops, and as if it wasn"t the day scheduled for the big strike .

The objective comprehension of the 4th of May 2008 events and relating it to the 6th of April strike puts us in front of some feedbacks that after taking it into consideration and analyzing it properly in order to know the reasons of the success of the first and the failure of the second day we came up with the following:

-First: The decrease of the media"s interest in the 4th of May strike in comparison to the 6th of April is clearly shown in numbers as the period from March 3, 2008 to May 5, 2008 witnessed the publication of 921 article about the two strikes, 853 article of them was on( the 6th of April strike ) and only 68 was about( the 4th of may one) which shows the weaken interest in the mobilization and the motivation to participate in the second strike within the ones responsible for it were busy polishing and appointing them selves as speakers for the strike making use of the events to be the leaders of the facebook or the public"s moves in the street.

Al Akhbar newspaper came along with other 27 Arabian newspaper which concentrated on analyzing the events in the Egyptian field, the papers varied from national newspapers published (238) article, party"s newspapers (101) article, independent (582) article and also according to the distribution of it"s issues as the news in the daily papers about (643) and in the weekly (278) article.

The thing that shows the effect of the media in the process of calling for the public mobilization and the need for studying new ways to make use of its tools in the future in motivating the citizens and insuring their approval to a certain situation.

- Secondly: the aggressive stance of the political forces against the strike and the people calling for it that can be understood from one of it"s perspectives as a fear for the elites" seats And from losing their closeness to the system with their opposing figure in attempts made by some to occupy this position and gain this effect, as the Wafd party refused to participate in the first strike of the 6th of April claming that the people have bigger problems and concerns than the strike as one of the party"s leaders -who aggressively rejected the second strike of May the 4th- said as a result to what Yassen Tag Al-Den the party"s vice president that the call for the failed strikes was seconded by (a bunch of internet, facebook and mobile kids) and it"s the same as -which is strange- what Dr. Raafat Al-Saed vice president of unionist party describing the youth of the facebook as (loony youth) although the unionist held a previous attack it"s main goal is the abortion of the strike , describing it"s call for as (from an unknown source and identity) that"s when the unionist called the parties and the civilian society organizations to an urgent meeting to discuss the current situations and reach a united vision based on a minimum agreement between the different parties in order to overcome the current political crisis.

As for the Nasserist party the third of the biggest three official parties, which a number of its leaders stressed in the meeting that was held in stead of the political office that they are with the peaceful protests and strikes that protects the public"s interests and causes, away from the forms of destructing the buildings and causing loses like what happened in April the 6th to the extent that the party"s secretary of the political affaires described the callers of the strike from the official party associations as (ignorant who knows nothing about the party"s legitimate political work).

Not far from the stance of the main opposition parties is the stance of the small parties who seven of them gathered in one of Cairo"s hotels to declare that the callers of the strike from the (facebook) are agents of America and that they intend to form a committee to guarantee the stability of the society and fight the what they called harmful destructive calls.

And in return the front party who declared its support to the youth of the facebook to strike as it"s a right for every Egyptian citizen as long as it is organized according to the constitution, the law and in a peaceful forms and that"s what the front and the tomorrow party agrees upon whose leaders moved from the Nure Ali"s front as they are responsible for this day and it"s success as it"s first motivator was a member of commanding party which awards or prevent the privilege of the struggle to whoever they want.

The attitude of the opposition parties which was so strange in its adhesion to the authorities and the extreme fear to participate even by silent in the strike stressed the official parties crisis and the difficulties of dealing with it as a substitute or a competitor to the current ruling party in any coming election, the agreement and the closeness shown between (the authority and the opposition) in viewing and dealing with such forms of protests which represents one of the political moves and peaceful conflict over the authority according to the covenants and the charters which the parties need to assure that it still has it"s official legitimacy and must be completed by the public"s approval if it aims a future to itself.

-Thirdly: the stance of the Muslim brotherhood group which represents one of the most important forms of opportunism in it"s way of dealing with the public societal moves , as the brotherhood aggressively refused to participate in the 6th of April strike which it"s success annoyed them as they tried later on to imply and directly point to the claim that they participated in it and were one of the reasons of it"s success in spite of their official announcement of boycotting the strike as they announced in an official statement stressing their participation in a strike against the general policies which devotes the corruption and the despotism on the 4th of May according to the groups guide despite his first"s stressing that the groups would only participate by staying home and (they will not participate in any demonstrations and protests" stands) which represents a manipulating stance and seeks the exploitation of any public move in the street to picture it as a pure brotherhood activity the thing that harmfully affected the strike and added an extra burden on the people responsible of it to save it from the brotherhood"s attempts to exploit it for the groups interests which was proved by evident in it"s lack of commitment to what was said in it"s statement specially that it"s representatives participated in the people"s assembly sessions that was held on that day and also in the state of silence witnessed by the universities and the public squares which the brotherhood didn"t give up using it in favor of their special agenda or their collaborators.

The absence of the brotherhood which was the reason for the success of the 6th of April strike shows that their participation in the 4th of May strike was one of the reasons of it"s failure ,and that the grouped attitude in facing the public"s moves needs revising and reconsidering specially with what it said about the parties attack and refusal to participate in the strike was a result of the presence and the participation of the brotherhood through the attempts of each part to be the potential substitution of the authorities, The struggle that only the poor and the law income branches pay its price.

-Fourth: The competitive state witnessed by the electronic sits between whom the call themselves the facebook youth over the leadership of the public"s moves and the call for the different protesting forms seeking the media"s attention and the fame that surrounded their college Israa Abdel-Fatah who was accused of being the motivator and the responsible for the 6th of April strike. The electronic sits witnessed hug competition between women of about 30 group calling for protests, each of these groups claims to be the speaker for and the sponsor of the strike to the extent that someone who appointed himself to be the speaker of the 6th of April move make a comic statement saying that (the Egyptian people can let the system figures leave the country on one condition which is to return all the funds that was illegally transferred outside the country to the Public Treasury in order to avoid the blood bathes and the chaos) demanding that the country should be handed to a national temporary committee consists of ( the Muslim brotherhood group, the labor party, the dignity party, the revolutionist communist party, Kefaya (enough) movement, a representative of the military associations, the church appointed by the pop, the workers movement in Mahalla, the employees of the real estate taxes, the universities" professors, and the peasants).

What was preceded if we may deal with in a considerable debatable way shows the extents of the crisis witnessed by these new fake callers for change, who were transformed by the media into fighters (heroes) the newspapers and the satellite channels rash towards them without a justified reason despite their emptiness, shallowness and their dependence on only the quality and new tools they are using.

-Fifth: The wise attitude of the authority especially in the ministries of information, education and health that didn"t panic like what happened in the 6th of April strike when a number of statements were successively released to warn the people from participating in the strike or being absent from their jobs. The minister of education made a fake visit to a number of schools whose students" absence was considered as participation and was a motive to criticize and accuse the schools of being unable to manage the crisis according to a scientific method.

The internal affaires" stance was another reason for the failure of the strike specially that the security that filled the streets (estimated by some as 114 group in Mahalla only) and some central security vans that was transformed to coffee shops serving the leaders who were afraid to be bored so they brought with them amusement.

The police"s attitude in the 4th of May was different from of the 6th of April as they were relaxed and didn"t practice force or gun shooting on the citizens and tying the injured in the hospital"s beds like in Mahalla that was one of the reasons of the revolutions explosion. The police didn"t hare bashers and convicts to disperse the protesting forms and the demolitions according to the accusations that follows every move in the street and this guarantees that thing will not come out of control and guarantees no riot so the interior affairs which was one of the prominent reasons for the success of April the 6th become the main reason for the failure of May the 4th .

- Sixth: President Hosny Mubarak decision on the labors day to granting the state workers a 3o% raise was a cheerful surprise to many citizens to face the successive raising prices and the low income branches inability to have a stable life, as this raise decreased the citizens" anger and rage over the executive authority and made lots of them hesitate to show their criticism of the system and it"s figures.

- Seventh: the failure in choosing a right time to call for a strike as in contrast with the first strike that chose the 6th of April the day determined by Mahalla workers to escalate their demands if the company"s administration didn"t respond to them which assured the existence of a protesting move in the streets where others who differs with the methods or the policies of the executive authority can join in. this way the inefficiency of the call won"t be shown and that what the callers of the second strike didn"t comprehend as the short time between the two strikes didn"t allow the mass mobilization and the good organization specially that it came during the period of the final exams that can"t be sacrificed or left as what happened in the universities and the schools before which shows that the strike of April the 6th wasn"t objectively studied and it"s result"s wasn"t properly benefited for repeating the strike or developing it to a more powerful forms of protests in contrast with the executive authorities that studied it"s mistakes in the first time and used it in aborting the second version of the strike that thing that shows the lake of organization and the desire of exploiting the event to achieve personal glory even at the extent of the stances and the principals.

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