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The Trick
The Trick
Commenting on the president’s pay raise of 30%, I said that it aimed at aborting May 4 strike and evading from answering the people’s needs.
Friday, May 9,2008 10:12
by Dr. Mohamed Habib IkhwanWeb

Commenting on the president"s pay raise of 30%, I said that it aimed at aborting May 4 strike and evading from answering the people"s needs.

General societal awareness have to be on the ball of the regime"s evasion, because the regime is used to trick and laugh at the people through pretending to try to solve the price hikes and low salaries problems. May 4 has been over, the government passes the decisions of fuel increase in May 5; the government is to take what promised to be given to the people in other means.

I think that the government should at least waited with such a decision fro a week after the declaration of the pay raise to let the people live happily for this period imaging what they would do with the raise instead of such deadly prompt decisions that tighten the problems of the people. It seems that the government doesn"t want to let the people be happy even for a shorter time!!

The crisis of proving the pay raise should have been solved via taxing the tycoons of iron and cement factories who are provided the fuels for almost nothing instead of overloading the miserable people, or through the natural gas that"s being exported for the Israeli Occupation Forces for less than a tenth of the global gas prices!!

Who can the people react to such conditions? T I think that matters are worsening, discontent prevails more and more, there is a sense of insulting and undermining the people to recommence the crisis, therefore, the political and national parties and trends as well as the civil society organizations should meet for swiftly address such crisis.

We not only face a crisis of rocketing prices, but a crisis of ill governing as well; we live under tyrant and despotic regime that is no longer able to control the country"s affairs. Political stagnation led to scientific, technical, and cultural backwardness as well as tarnishing Egypt"s pivotal and strategic role on the international and regional levels.

The problem lurks in poor production that made us count on imports in our lives and food; this links us to the global prices and leads to dependent political decisions. Importantly, poor production resulted from passivism, recklessness, and weak sense of belongingness and loyalty.

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