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Reuters demands independent investigation of Shana’s killing
Reuters demands independent investigation of Shana’s killing
The director of Reuters office in Palestine has charged in a press conference that IOF troops had deliberately fired at and killed his agency’s cameraman Fadel Shana.
Saturday, April 19,2008 07:16

The director of Reuters office in Palestine has charged in a press conference that IOF troops had deliberately fired at and killed his agency"s cameraman Fadel Shana.

Shana, a 23-year-old Palestinian, was killed in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday while covering events in the enclave for the international news agency. He had been filming an Israeli tank dug in about 1,000 yards away, Reuters said.

The director told the press conference on Thursday that Shana"s camera recorded an Israeli tank firing at him two missiles, one killed him and the other destroyed his car.

He said that the Reuters team visited the scene of the incident where it found out that the Israeli projectiles contained metal darts some of which penetrated Shana"s body and killed him.

The team affirmed that Shana along with Reuters soundman Wafa Abu Mizyed, 25, who sustained a shrapnel wound, were adhering to all instructions and that they were wearing body armors carrying the word "Press" and his car carried the words TV and Reuters.

For his part, the editor-in-chief of the London-based agency David Schlesinger said that he called for "an immediate and complete investigation into the incident."

Meanwhile, Palestinian journalists said that the crime against Shana was a reflection of the growing Israeli holocaust in Gaza. They said in statements to Palestine newspaper published on Friday that they would not be deterred from carrying out their jobs in relaying the truth about what is happening in Gaza to the world.

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