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MB Statement on the Military Decisions
MB Statement on the Military Decisions
Muslim Brotherhood has issue a statement condemning the military decisions passed against 25 MB leading figures; it stated:
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Wednesday, April 16,2008 18:00

Muslim Brotherhood has issue a statement condemning the military decisions passed against 25 MB leading figures; it stated:

Yesterday, the seventh military tribunal handed down its final decision against the 25 MB cadres. These harsh decisions against honest reformist MBs will never undermine our efforts for peaceful reform. Freezing assets and monies of some businessmen is utterly tyrannical, and will certainly hurt the Egyptian economy and further undermine Egypt ’s investment atmosphere, especially during such complicated and difficult economic conditions

Such practices indicate that the regime has abandoned the public interests for the sake of its monopoly on power as well as financial profits for its advocates, and relied on security forces as the only way to face peaceful political opposition.

We would like to assure our beloved Egyptians that we are ready to sacrifice our lives, freedoms, health, and money to restore this nation’s dignity and welfare through the fair and supreme principles of Islam. We will remain steadfast and resist the tyrants, and never be frightened of the government’s oppression and terrorism.

We call media figures to deliver the truth and show the honest opinions, and we advise them not to obey the tyrant rulers at the expense of the righteous deeds and good words.

We call the intellectuals and human rights activists to back the right and resist the oppression and tyranny.

As for our detained brothers . . . we say "With patience comes victory…your way is that of the steadfast prophets and honest reformists, be patient and steadfast.

Injustice will never last; Allah"s victory will surely soon come!


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