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Egyptian Authorities Arrest Large Numbers of MB Activists Throughout the Country
Egyptian Authorities Arrest Large Numbers of MB Activists Throughout the Country
Wide-scale sweeps of arrests have been launched by the Egyptian authorities against MB candidates and supporters in several parts of the country, in severe arrest campaigns which highly erupted after yesterday’s demonstrations and protests denouncing the violations committed by the Egyptian government against MB and independent candidates in municipal elections.
Thursday, April 3,2008 09:45
by Nadine Abdullah IkhwanWeb

Egyptian authorities arrested large number of MB candidates for the municipal elections and their supporters following several protests by MB activists throughout the country denouncing the government prevention of thousands of MB candidates to run for the next elections and ignoring court orders to allow them to run  .
Today’s crackdown comes one day after statements  by the Egyptian Interior Minister, Habib Al-Adly, who confirmed that the government will continue its crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood and would never allow it to field candidates in the upcoming municipal elections or participate in it by any means.
In Damietta governorate, Dozens of raids have been launched since yesterday night in which state security forces broke into a number of MB houses, seizing and ruining their own properties. Nine MB affiliates were arrested in Damietta till today morning.
The names of MB detainees known to Ikhwanweb till now:

1.     Elwan Abdul-Razeq, MB candidate in 2008 municipal elections.
2.     Ahmed Meera.
3.     Gamal Bohloq
4.     Ali Al-Bagalati.
5.     Ashraf Anis Al-Deeb.
6.     Ali Al-Beheiry.
Meanwhile, dozens of security raids against MB supporters are taking place in the governorates of Alexandria, Kafr Al-Sheikh, Monufiya, and Sharqiya where the MB houses are raided and the number of MB supporters arrested are in increase.
Names of the detainees in Alexandria known till now:

1.     Dr. Osama Nasr, chief of MB Administrative Bureau in Alexandria.
2.     Saleh Bastawi.
3.     Mohamed Nasr El-Din Magdy.
4.     Saeed Abdul-Mon’em.
5.     Mohamed Ahmed Al-Refaei.
Names of detainees in Sharqiya governorate known till now:
1.     Ahmed Shaehata, MB candidate in 2008 municipal elections.
2.     Dr. Mohamed Zaki Abdul-Hameed.
3.     Dr. Khaled Sabra.
4.     Mohamed Naguib.
5.     Sobhi Al-Ghandour.
6.     Saleh Ali Ahmed.
7.     Samir Suliman.
8.     Abdul-Hameed Bendari.
9.     Ahmed Abdul-Maqsoud.
10.   Khairi Mahmoud Hussein, MB candidate in 2008 municipal elections.
11.   Abdel-Elah Abdul-Qader Ali.
12.   Abu Obayda Al-Aqeed.
13.   Dr. Mohamed Lotfi.
14.   Dr. Mohamed Abdul-Wahhab.
15.   Abdul-Nasser Abdul-Hameed Ibrahim.
16.   Mosaad Ragab.
15 names of MB detainees in Kafr Al-Sheikh governorate have been known:
1.     Ragab Al-Banna, MB leader.
2.     Mahmoud Al-Badri.
3.     Mahmoud Ghanem.
4.     Osama Al-Husseiny.
5.     Hussein Asal.
6.     Maher Al-Shami.
7.     Hassan Mokhtar.
8.     Abdul-Nasser Muafi.
9.     Nasr Al-Howeiny.
10.   Al-Sayed Al-Howeiny.
11.   Amr Abu-Shehata.
12.   Akram Darwish.
13.   Salama Al-Bahour who suffers from a serious health condition.
Both Abdullah Mesbah and Abul-Wafa Higazi, who were previously detained according to the emergency law without any justified reason and released only a week ago, were re-arrested today.
Three other MB members were arrested today morning in Monufiya governorate, including Dr. Fathi Khattab, during the arrest campaigns by security forces breaking into MB houses.
In Sohag governorate, security forces broke into more than 10 houses. However, only three MBs were arrested during that raid:

1.     Mohamed Al-Sayed Suliman.
2.     Abdel-Salam Asaad Ibrahim.
3.     Sayed Abdel-Salam.
Both Qaliubiya and Beheira governorates witnessed mass arrests since yesterday.
Security forces detained 35 MB supporters yesterday morning to prevent them from participating in the protests denouncing the government’s violations concerning municipal elections in Qaliubiya. However, 13 of them, including MB candidates for the upcoming municipal elections, were ordered temporary detention for 15 days.
105 MB supporters were arrested in Behira governorate since yesterday, after participating in peaceful protests. Yesterday’s arrests included five MB candidates for the upcoming municipal elections. The candidates’ names are Kamal Mohamed Al-Qasabi, Yahia Al-Khawalqa, Essam El—Din Ahmed, Fawzy Mohamed Eissa Al-Atefy, Saber Maraie.
Dr. Mohamed Al-Gazzar, member of the MB Parliamentary Bloc, sent an urgent memo to the Egyptian interior minister denouncing the security harassment and harsh attacks against Egyptian citizens which took place yesterday in Beheira governorate.
Security forces used tear-bombs and bullets against all citizens, he said, including candidates who have court verdicts confirming their right to register their names in the final lists of municipal elections.

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