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MB Stages Several Protests Across Egypt Condemning Municipal Elections Violations
MB Stages Several Protests Across Egypt Condemning Municipal Elections Violations
Thousands of MB leaders, affiliates, and supporters have taken to the streets today (April, 1st ) protesting the decisions taken by the committee organizing municipal elections which excluded registering the names of MB candidates in the final documents of municipal elections despite the court verdicts confirming the MB candidates registration in the elections.
Tuesday, April 1,2008 11:05
by Nadine Abdullah IkhwanWeb
Thousands of Egyptians including MB supporters took to the streets today in several parts of the country protesting the decisions by the election committee to arbitrarily exclude hundreds of MB names from the final candidates’ list despite court orders to allow them to run for the upcoming municipal elections on April 8.

Demonstrations erupted in several cities across Egypt denouncing the violations committed by the Egyptian government against MB and independent candidates.
Dr. Essam Al-Erian, senior MB leader, confirmed to Ikhwanweb that today’s demonstrations are aimed at the government’s clear violations of its citizens rights to run for public elections and for continuously ignoring the court orders and insisting on depriving the Muslim Brothers from exercising their constitutional rights.
Al-Erian added that it is not the first time for the MB to take to the streets, adding that these demonstrations are logical escalation towards the regimes’ unfair continuous and repressive crackdown.
Earlier today, State Security Forces besieged the State Council building in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, to prevent a protest by MB candidates whose names have not yet been registered in the candidates’ lists despite the court orders.
Confrontations by police were more harsh in Gharbiya governorate as security forces attacked more than 5 thousand protestors outside the university hospital. Security forces used tear gas and assaulted many protestors including women
Beheira governorate also witnessed mass demonstrations by MB supporters resulting in several injuries and arrests by security forces which used tear gas, rubber bullets to disperse demonstrators.
Demonstrations also took place in Sharkia governorate where nearly 8 thousands protestors, including MB candidates, supporters, and independent citizens, took to the streets protesting the violations committed in municipal elections and the high prices.
Meanwhile, hundreds of protestors demonstrated in the governorates of Damietta, Daqahlia, Kafr Al-Sheikh, Ismailia, and Sohag, in addition to Alexandria which witnessed mass demonstrations where protestors exceeded 2000 

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