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Egyptian Security Forces Raid Dozens of MB Houses Across the Country
Egyptian Security Forces Raid Dozens of MB Houses Across the Country
Sweeps of arrests undertaken by the Egyptian authorities against the Muslim Brotherhood affiliates have continued today where the security forces raided dozens of MB houses in a number of governorates.
Wednesday, March 12,2008 08:17

Egyptian Security Forces raided dozens of houses belonging to members and sympathizers of the MB across the country in the run-up for the local elections in its fierce attempts to prevent Muslim Brotherhood form fielding candidiates. 

A number of MB affiliates were arrested today in Helwan, Southern Cairo.

Names of the detainees known till now:
1. Dr. Aziz Mohamed Al-Zomor.
2. Dr. Tarek Hassan.
3. Ali Gamal Al-Din.
4. Gom’a Abdul-Hamid.
5. Azab Salem Al-Azab.
6. Osama Ali.
Four more were arrested in Marg, Eastern Cairo:
1. Dr. Mohamed Hassan.
2. Abdul-Baset Qubeis.
3. Ahmed Fath Al-Sheikh.
4. Dr. Abdul-Ghaffar Salheen in Cairo.
Monufeya governorate witnessed a large number of security raids in houses of the MB affiliates and supporters.

Names of detainees known till now in Monufeya:
1. Mohamed Abdel-Baqi Al-Harti.
2. Sha’ban Al-Werdani.
3. Emad Kassab.
4. Hassan Khattab.
Noteworthy, security forces broke into more than 30 houses of MB affiliates, leaders, and even supporters since today dawn. However, they failed to detain many of them as they were not available during the raids.

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