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Israeli Lobby - Article Collection
Israeli Lobby - Article Collection
Sunday, January 6,2008 22:51
by Sheila Musaji The American Muslim

AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee):
-- AIPAC Congratulates Itself on the Slaughter in Lebanon
--AIPAC, the Religious Right and American Foreign Policy,
-- Feds Probe a Top Democrats Relationship With AIPAC
-- FBI In Expanded AIPAC Probe
-- AIPAC Hijack: With Friends Like These
--On Israel, America, and AIPAC, George Soros
-- AIPAC’s hold on Congress
-- Rep. Betty McCollum’s Letter to AIPAC
-- AIPAC Defendants Ask Jews for Support
-- Head of AIPAC Boasted About Control of Politicians in 1992
-- Israeli Spying and AIPAC
-- AIPAC Pushes Tough Policy on Iran
-- Alleged AIPAC Informant Promoted
-- Pentagon-AIPAC Spy Scandal
-- Why is the Peace Movement Silent About AIPAC?
-- The Final Act of Submission, Scott Ritter

A Beautiful Friendship: The Israeli Lobby’s Influence

A Warning to Those Who Dare Criticize Israel in the U.S. , Robert Fisk

ADL Silencing Jewish Dissent on Israel

ADL Enters Israeli Academic Boycott Row

AN INTERFAITH VIEW: Driving Islamophobia, Lawrence Swaim

Alan Dershowitz’s “Rebuttal” to Israeli Lobby Paper on Harvard site

A Dangerous Exemption - Zbigniew Brzezinski

All Critics of Israel Aren’t Anti-Semites

American Muslims ask Congress to hear both sides of Mideast conflict

Arab Americans Across U.S. take Part in National Lobby Day Today, AAIUSA

Are Lobbyists Corrupting Congress?

Banality and Bare Faced Lies, Robert Fisk

Bush Officials Subpoened in AIPAC Trial

Bush’s real agenda in Palestine, Ramzy Baroud

Jimmy Carter Enters the Lions’ Den, Paul Findley

Carter and Swarm, Israel Shamir

Christian Israeli Lobby Group Supports Palestinian Starvation

Christian Right Steps Up Pro Israel Lobby

Congressman Hoyer’s Address to AIPAC Political Leadership Conference

Confronting the War Pushers

Control of U.S. Policies by Israeli Lobby

The Cooper Union “Israel Lobby” Debate, Terry Walz

Cracks in Zionism, Charley Reese

Debate about Israel: the rebellion goes global

Debate about Israel: the Myth of self-hatred

Debate about Israel: Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom

Debate about Israel: Free Speech, Israel and Jewish Illiberalism

Debate about Israel: The New Jewish Question

Debate about Israel: Cracks in the Wall

Democratic Defectors and the Israel Lobby, Jerry Kroth

Dr. Hagee Has Plans for a Christian Style AIPAC

Door Slams Hard on Any Who Would Criticize Israel

Evangelical Christians Lobby for Stronger Support for Israel

Falwell Confirms Lewinsky Affair Linked to Israeli Lobby Intrigue

FBI Spy Scandal Costs Israeli Lobby Its’ Director

Fear and loathing on an American campus, Robert Fisk

Ferment Over the Israel Lobby

Full-Page NY Times Ad “Congress is in Thrall to the Israel Lobby,” Council for the National Interest

Giving Chutzpah New Meaning

Harvard to Remove Logo from Israeli Lobby Study

Havard Says Dean of KSG’s Departure Not Related to Israeli Lobby Paper

Harvard Crimson on Israeli Lobby Paper Controversy

The Hidden Cost of ‘Free’ Congressional Trips to Israel

Influence of the Christian Right

The Influence of Israel and it’s American Lobby over US Middle East Policy, Jeffrey Blankfort

Iran Showdown Tests Power of Israeli Lobby

Iraq, Iran, and the Lobby, Justin Raimondo

Is Criticizing Israel Anti-Semitism?

Israel and the U.S.: What Price Friendship?

Israel Lobby Watch

Israel and Moral Blackmail

The Israeli Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, Sheila Musaji

The Israeli Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy Controversy Revisited, Sheila Musaji

Israeli Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy Controversy Revisited, Sheila Musaji

Israel Lobby Study Roils Academe

Israel’s Racists and Facists Courted by Mainstream Politicians, Uri Avnery

Israel Pressuring U.S. Over Iran Attack

Israel Says U.S. Should Take the Lead in Dealing With Iran’s Nuclear Program

The Israel Lobby

Israel Lobby Is Bad for Israel and the U.S.

Israeli’s Hold Keys to NSA and U.S. Government Computers

The Israeli Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

The Israeli Lobby Strikes Back

The Israeli Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy Controversy Revisited

Israeli War Lobby in Control of U.S.

Israeli Lobby - Smear and Fear

The Israeli Lobby and the Great Protestant Crusader

The Israeli Lobby Can’t Handle the Truth

The Israeli Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

Israeli Lobby Study Creates Firestorm in U.S.

The Israeli Lobby and the Bulldozer

Israeli Lobby: Who’s the Dog, Who’s the Tail?

It’s Time to End the “Last Taboo” and Hold Israel Accountable for Its Actions, Stephen Lendman

Jewish Community Groups Ask Bush Not to Link Israel and Iran

Judge Might Dismiss AIPAC Classified Information Case

Lantos Pro-Israel Bill Too Extreme for Israeli’s

Letters to London Review of Books About Israeli Lobby Paper

Lobbying For Armageddon

The Lobby in Canada

Lobbying on Iran, Groups Strive to Play Down Jewish Angle

Lobbying, a $4 Billion Industry

Lobbying on Iran, Groups Strive to Play Down Jewish Angle

Most Favored Nation

Meet the ‘Whack Iran’ Lobby

Most Favored Nation

The Misuses of Anti-Semitism

The Much Wider Scope of the Israel Lobby

Muslim group urges disengaging policy from ‘dictates’ of pro-Israel Lobby, CAIR

New Christian Pro Israel Lobby Aims to Be Stronger than AIPAC

Nuclear Ad Highlights Influence of Israeli Lobby in U.S.

New CNI Poll Shows Americans Wary of Israel Lobby, CNI

Open Debate on Israeli Lobby Needed

Only 7 Democrats Had Courage to Vote Against Blank Check for Israel

Petition of College & University Teachers in Defense of Mearsheimer & Walt, Juan Cole

Plans to Honor L.A. Muslim Leader Bring Out Animosity

The Power of the Israel Lobby

Pro-Israel Lobby is silencing dissent

Prominent Jews Call for Open Debate on Israel

Pro-Israeli groups’ “vilification” campaign against U.S. Muslims

Pro Israel Lobby in U.S. Under Attack

Publication of Essay on Israeli Lobby Stirs Controversy

The Row Over the Israel Lobby, Alexander Cockburn

The Self Destructiveness of Shutting Down Debate About Israel

Rep. Sestak and CAIR under the gun

Talking About Israel, Nicholas Kristof

Tax Dollars Sent to Israel Buy Enemies for U.S., Ahmed M. Rehab

There is no New Anti-Semitism, Rabbi Michael Lerner

Surveying the Israeli Lobby - Oil and Vinegar

Talking About Israel, Nicholas Kristof

There is no New Anti-Semitism, Rabbi Michael Lerner

Two Former Israeli Lobby Officials Accused of Spying

Transcript of Panel Discussion on Israeli Lobby

U.S. Middle East Policy Motivated by pro-Israeli Lobby

U.S. Israeli Espionage Case and the Israeli Lobby

U.S. Vetoes U.N. Security Council Statement on Israeli Aggression

The United States of Israel? Robert Fisk

The U.S.S. Liberty and the Lobby

Values Action Team

VIDEO:  The Israel Lobby. Portrait of a Great Taboo

Stephen Walt Clarifies Why He Stepped Down as Dean

VIDEO:  The Israel Lobby. Portrait of a Great Taboo

War Drums: AIPAC article on Iran

The War Over Israel’s Influence

What Is the Israeli Lobby?

When demons and criminals rule our world, Dr. Habib Siddiqui

When Jews Control the Media

When the politics of polarization prevails: Islamophobia and the specter of Neo-McCarthyism, By Abukar Arman

What Is the Israeli Lobby?

Why America Gives Israel Its Unconditional Support

Zionism, Anti-Semitism and Dissent


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