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Large scale detention in Alfayoum
Large scale detention in Alfayoum
Big names In MB community, among them was Alfayoum MB Administrative Officce, Dr Ahmed Abdulrahman
Wednesday, November 28,2007 06:07

The State Security agents backed by central security forces, stormed houses of 25 MB members in the governorate of Alfayoum in a dowm raid last night.

the detentions include some big names in the Muslim Brotherhood  community, among them Alfayoum MB Administratiev Office head Dr: Ahmed Abdul-rahman, head of of Mecca hosppital.

  1.  Taha Abdul-tawab.
  2. Dr: Ahmed Abdul-Rahman ( head of Mecca hospital ).
  3. Othman Deiab ( former Shura council candidate ).
  4. Omar Yousif.
  5. Mokhtar Muhammed Kamel.
  6. Prof: Ramadan Abu-zeid.
  7. Dr: Ahmed Mohsen.
  8. Amr Ayoub ( internet cafe owner ).
  9. Ali Muhammed Abdu-raboh ( employee ).
  10. Ashour Muhammed Godah.
  11. Aly Saber ( lawyer ).
  12. Muhammed Abdu-allah Abdul-salam ( lawyer ).
  13. Muhamed Rabee" ( lawyer ).
  14. Shaa"ban Ragab ( taxes employee ).
  15. Mahmoud Said ( employee ).
  16. Ahmed Aly ( free works ).
  17. Muhamed Ibrahim ( accountant ) 
  18. Aly Andul-bary ( teature ).
  19. Ahmed Muhamed Kazafe ( Accountant ).
  20. Baheeg Abdul-mone"m ( bussines man ).
  21. Husen Muhammed Abbas.
  22. Said Atyaa
  23. Ahmed Abdul-salam Abdu-majed.
  24. Khalifa ebeid ( teatcher ). 

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