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Families of MB Detainees Concerned Over Their Deteriorating Health
Families of MB Detainees Concerned Over Their Deteriorating Health
The latest session of the Military Tribunal against Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders witnessed the growing absence of some detainees, up to 9, in the last session on Saturday, Oct, 27th, 2007 .
Sunday, November 4,2007 12:19
The latest session of the Military Tribunal of  Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders witnessed the growing absence of up to 9 deainees due to health problems while several of them need surgeries. Poor health is mostly due to the very bad prison conditions and the inhumane treatment by security and priosn personnels which is  beyond description.
Ikhwanweb has held this survey with families of some detainees who skipped the latest military trial session to reassure their health conditions .
Amany Morsi: Prisons not suitable for human use
Amany, daughter of Mahmoud Morsi, a Muslim Brotherhood leader among those transferred to the military tribunal. Morsi skipped last Saturday"s military session.
His daughter says:" The cell in which my father and his colleagues are held in prison is not suitable for human use. The cell was very narrow and the prison trucks moving them to and from the trial sessions are very narrow. This led to a deterioration in his health and a severe pain in his back. That pain made him sleep most of the time inside the prison as he can"t move out of the pain."
She added that some detainees- including her father- went to the prison hospital because their health deteriorated so much ."
The 17 years old daughter speaks about the role of human rights organizations towards what is happening, saying:" They live in another world. They don"t see or feel the world of injustice which we are facing, the injustice facing citizens in Egypt- and the Third World countries- in general and our loved ones in particular".
She added that such human rights organizations call for defending rights of animals and protecting environment, while they don"t give a damn to the oppressions facing people in Egypt , Palestine , Iraq or Chechnya . The human being is currently having no value and there is no one to defend them in this world.
However, she said there are many other human rights activists who exert efforts to defend the MB leaders unjustly transferred to the military tribunal "but they are a few when compared to human rights organizations in the world". Amany adding that she has never imagined that she will ever see such an injustice currently facing her father.
Alaa Ezz Al-Din: My father medically neglected
Alaa, the daughter of journalist Ahmed Ezzuddin who is transferred to the military tribunal, was asked why her father skipped the last session, she said that he has been also suffering from health problems in his back during the last nine months. As the prison administration neglects the sick prisoners, including preventing Ahmed Ezzuddin from completing his physiotherapy sessions, his condition deteriorated and he was recently sent along with his colleagues to hospital.
Also, Hassan Zalat, one of the forty MB leaders transferred to the military court, skipped the Saturday session because his health condition deteriorated, making the medical committee recommend that he should undergo an open heart surgery as quick as possible.
Omar Hassan Zalat, his son,, said in a phone call with Ikhwanweb:" My father was first arrested while he was bedridden. Because of the bad medical care given to detainees inside prisons, his health deteriorated and the medical committee recommended that he undergo an open heart surgery as soon as possible to save his life."
He added that this is not the first surgery that his father undergoes. They are currently waiting for the decision of doctors to set a date for holding the open heart surgery so that it does not pose a threat to his life.
" We have sent many letters to human rights organizations. I sent several letters to the Egyptian president and the Minister of Interior, but in vain", said Omar.
Omar says that they have repeatedly demanded the court to allow his father receive treatment and that he- not the prison administration- pays the costs, because his family cares for his health, but their demand was rejected under the pretext that the court needs a decision from medical councils.
It is as if they order Hassan Zalat killed, but?.in slow motion.
Zahraa Al Shater: Detainees Face Serious Health Problems
Al Zahraa Khairat Al Shater is wife of engineer Ayman Abdul Ghani, one of those referred to the military tribunal and who didn"t attend the trial session due to his deteriorating health condition. Al Zahraa is also the daughter of engineer Khairat Al-Shater, the second deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, who suffers also from health problems inside his prison in Torah prison.
Al Zahraa says that there are many cases of ill prisoners whose illness is more serious than that of her husband. There are diabetes and hypertension patients who are even older than her husband.
"The health conditions of many detainees have deteriorated because of the very bad health and living conditions in the prison in which they are held. Add to this the prison trucks in which detainees are cramped over each other and handcuffed while they are taken to and from the court inside these bad and very narrow trucks..
Regarding the health of her husband, Al Zahraa said: " My husband has developed since a while a slipped disc. This slipped disc and his repeated falling on the ground caused backaches, specially after he didn"t receive the necessary medical care inside prison. He should have been sent to hospital earlier, but that did not happen".
She added that what husband is facing is less than health conditions of other detainees. She cited her example who suffers from diabetes and the conditions of the prison- which isn"t suitable for human use- caused many complications in the last months. However, his deteriorating health did not move any official to help him along with other detainees who are badly in need for any care, even if it is only medicare.
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