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Military Trial of MB Leaders Resumes Today
Military Trial of MB Leaders Resumes Today
The Military Tribunal will hold on Monday, the 23rd session trying 40 top Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders and businessmen, topped by engineer Khairat Al Shater the MB’s second deputy chairman.
Sunday, October 21,2007 13:38
The Military Tribunal will hold on Monday, the 23rd session trying 40 top Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders and businessmen, topped by engineer Khairat Al Shater the MB"s second deputy chairman.
 Abdul Moneim Abdul Maqsoud, the MB chief lawyer, said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that after the defense panel was allowed in the previous session to submit documents that it sees as useful in the proceedings of the case, some documents were submitted also on Saturday and some others were submitted on Monday. He hoped that such papers should be neutrally discussed.
Abdul Maqsood confirmed that these documents, if taken into consideration, will be to the interest of the accused. He expected that the committee won"t finish its job tomorrow because it is too short a time to finish it.
In the defense speech in the previous session, Dr. Ahmed Abu Baraka, a member of the defence team and a member of the MB parliamentary bloc, demanded the court allow the committee to face the detainees in order to know the truth. He confirmed that the committee will not do its work correctly unless it meets the detainees to know their views over the documents .
Abou Baraka commented on the court ruling, saying:" The ruling should have been issued as an initial ruling". Nasser Al-Hafy, a member of the defence team, added that article 135 of the law of evidence stipulates that decisions related to forming expert committees by the court should be issued in the form of an initial decision. He demanded the court to quickly stop hearing the lawsuit until the committee submits its new report. He also demanded all detainees be released, confirming that they shouldn"t be jailed for all this period of time while the committee is doing its job because the court is the justice of ruling not a justice of investigation.

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