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Jordan’s IAF Denies Internal Disputes
Jordan’s IAF Denies Internal Disputes
A statement issued by the Islamic Action Front Party (IAP) denies media reports that there are rows inside the IAP leadership after making public the party’s slate in a press conference held on Sunday Oct, 7th, 2007.
Tuesday, October 16,2007 15:23

A statement issued by the Islamic Action Front Party (IAP) denies media reports that there are rows inside the IAP leadership after making public the party"s slate in a press conference held on Sunday Oct, 7th, 2007.
The party command (the Secretary-General and the executive office) confirmed that the candidate slate "was issued with a sound and official decision and in an institutional way, after a sufficient discussion and after listening to all opinions from all sides.  "There was a disagreement in viewpoints over some candidates, but all these disagreements were settled with a vote and backing the view of the majority."
The statement added that the IAF Secretary-General Zaki Bin Arshid is following up running meetings of the executive office, and he confirms that there is no messages directed to any one and that running the press conference is under management of the deputy secretary-general.
The statement demanded " all levels of the organization including the grassroots and the leadership to necessarily " adhere to this decision, and not to be enticed by any press rumours, and that every one should work for implementing the decision and exert efforts to make it succeed.
The statement said the Secretary-General and the executive office "reassure the Jordanian people and IAF members that party"s unity is OK and that it maintains, as usual, its national responsibility and the political reform process to serve the homeland and the nation with full enthusiasm in a method that abides by demanding social and political reforms.
The statement lashed out at the so called " the unjust media campaign against the IAF and the Islamic movement to spread schism inside them".
The IAF leadership confirmed that " true information should be sought through a right official and organizational way". It urged people working in the media field " to be accurate and objective in handling news about the Islamic movement and the Islamic Action Front Party, and to " rely on reliable sources that speak for the party".
The statement concluded that differences is in viewpoints " reflect a real democratic experience and it doesn"t reflect any division or schism.
For his part, the IAF Secretary-General, Zaki Bin Arshid, said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that the reported differences or schisms inside Action Front Party or in the Muslim Brotherhood group in Jordan are groundless. He stressed that this doesn"t mean that there is no disagreement in viewpoints, specially discussions around participating in the coming elections. However, these disagreements don"t reach the point of schism.
Bin Arshid pointed out the disagreements in viewpoints inside the party and the group are a healthy phenomenon and reflect how far members are free to express their opinions, but this definitely takes place within a framework of rules and regulations that dominate our relations inside the group and the party.
Bin Arshid denied that excluding him from the party slate is a proof that the government"s campaign against him has succeeded. He said that the nominations inside the party take place in a an institutional method and according to well-known rules. Thus, media campaigns have no influence over excluding me, he said.

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