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Nabil Moqbel... Why Have They Arrested that compassionate man?
Nabil Moqbel... Why Have They Arrested that compassionate man?
" Why have they detained him. He is a devout Muslim, an Egyptian aged citizen", said wife of engineer Nabil Moqbel.
Saturday, August 25,2007 08:11
by Abdulrahman Mansour IkhwanWeb

" Why have they detained him. He is a devout Muslim, an Egyptian aged citizen", said wife of engineer Nabil Moqbel. These words seek a sensible answer for the state security raid of the Giza-based house of this engineer and arresting him along with his guests. The wife was shocked by their attack on house and detention of her life partner who is more than 70 years old.
He has raised up his four children and made them the best good mannered among people. Why have they arrested him?" she reiterates.
Prominent businessman Nabil Moqbel"s house was attacked last Friday, August, 17th, 2007 , by the state security forces that detained top Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders, dealing his aged wife a shock.
Nabil Moqbel, graduated in the Faculty of Commerce, worked in the Arab Contractors Company as a legal accountant for a long time, after which he traveled to Kuwait for a job as he wasn"t among MB members detained in 1965 crisis with late president Gamal Abd An-Nasir.
Moqbel is currently secretary general of the Muslim Brotherhood office in Giza Governorate and a member of the group"s Shura "consultative" council.
This is the first time in which Nabil Moqbel is detained. His son Ahmed, AUC graduate, got married to daughter of Egyptian actor Adel Imam, in marriage ceremony attended by Mohamed Mahdi Akef, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood along with a number of the MB Executive Office, Giza governor, Muhammad Husanein Haikal Prime Minister, Kamal Al-Ganzouri and Al Azhar Grand Sheikh Muhammad Sayed Tantawi. The wedding party was also attended by socialites and celebrities topped by actress Laila Elwi, Rania Farid Shawqi, Mona Zaki, Elham Shahin, Lebleba and Mahmoud Yassin.
Moqbel has four children, one son and three daughters.
However, there is still a hovering question in this situation in which government affiliates mix with Muslim Brotherhood leaders forming a human relationship which is bigger than seeing Egypt as a government or opposition. The Muslim Brotherhood is establishing relations which are bigger than itself. Former prime minister Aziz Sedki meets the renowned actor Khaled Al Sawi, Coptic intellectual Rafik Habib, George Ishak and engineer Khairat Al-Shater the second deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood who is currently detained pending a military tribunal. All these imminent figures forma a human society which is bigger than Leftist or Islamic intellectual affiliations.
For the time being, the government detentions to the opposition, including the Muslim Brotherhood, still demolish any hope for a dialogue or even a meeting like the one that took place during the marriage ceremony of Ahmed and Sara. Ahmed and Sara got married three years ago and their guests included MB chairman Akef, renowned actor Imam and Grand Sheikh Tantawi. Will they meet again for the future of Egypt future?!
The coming days will very soon answer this question

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