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Will Adel Imam Mediate to Release Daughter’s MB Leader father-in-law
Will Adel Imam Mediate to Release Daughter’s MB Leader father-in-law
Imam who depicted the Islamists in ways that sometimes angered them, met MB leaders and shaking hands with them to accept his son’s marriage proposal to his daughter, Sara.
Sunday, August 19,2007 00:40
by Abdulrahman Mansour IkhwanWeb
Egyptian state security forces detained, hours ago, Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders from the house of the Egyptian businessman and MB leader Nabil Moqbel.
The MB detained leaders included Dr. Essam El-Erian, a top leader in the group and it"s political bureau chief, Mahmoud Hassan, a member of the MB executive office, Sayed Nizeili, Helmi Al-Gazzar and other top leaders.
They were detained in the house of the Egyptian MB leader Nabil Moqbel, a top businessman. Moqbel is also the father-in-law of the daughter of Adel Imam, a renowned Egyptian actor who is close to the Egyptian regime. Ahmed, the son of the Muslim Brotherhood leader Nabil Moqbel developed an intimate relationship during his study in the American university in Cairo with Sara Adel Imam, ending with tying the knot .
Imam acted in several movies depicting Islamists as naive or extremists, a dramatic style which he started since he became the top comedian who draw fans among many Egyptian and Arab viewers.
Imam who depicted the Islamists in ways that sometimes angered them, met MB leaders and shaking hands with them to accept his son"s marriage proposal to his daughter, Sara.
Imam"s daughter, Sara, appeared in the marriage ceremony along with her family and guests in the latest fashion, while Ahmed and his family and guests were showing a more conservative attitude, with women wearing the veil.
The marriage ceremony was attended by Mohamed Mahdi Akef, the Muslim Brotherhood chairman, and a number of MB leaders and Executive Bureau members. Also attended was a number of state figures, including Muhammad Sayed Tantawi Al Azhar Grand Sheikh.
The wedding party was the talk of the town in Egyptian and Arab newspapers at that time. A marriage of a couple turned into a public opinion issue. State newspapers and magazines accused the government of establishing backstage relations with the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group and that the Muslim Brotherhood is penetrating into the ruling social elite!! .
Ahmed-Sara marriage was described by observers as a result of the Islamic phenomenon. The religiousness phenomenon is no longer restricted to laymen. It has reached the higher class in Egypt including eminent government figures , and influential businessmen in the regime,  a development which is related to the religiousness phenomenon and the new preachers who have intellectual and Islamic ties with those belonging to Islamic organizations but they do not belong to these organizations. Their religiousness and relations with the religious adherents activated the community of religious adherents in addition to moving the stagnant water in entertainment, humanization, modernism and even westernization "terms according to researcher in affairs of Islamic movements, Hossam Tamam.
Tamam adds that the most prominent results of the changes on the religious adherence in Egypt are the ones affecting Islamic organizations which lost their ideological purity. A Muslim Brotherhood member, for example, is no longer having the same ideological purity and organizational discipline. The Muslim Brotherhood is no longer restricted to its own world and vision. They no longer live only in the organization, study in MB funded schools, marry MB female members, work in MB institutions. They no longer do so.
The researcher in Islamic movements affairs says:" The MB cloak has changed and expanded to be able to include a seemingly inharmonious mixture of ideas, discourses, life styles in addition to the varying social and educational levels. It is a mixture of discourses and life styles comprised only by the affiliation to this giant organization that includes numerous intellectual references, mechanisms of education and a network of relations outside and inside the organization".
The intermingling of relations in sources of authority and understanding is so apparent in the political and religious lives in Egypt , an advantage which may help those who want to have an effective role in reaching a breakthrough in the current tense political life in Egypt . This happened in 1981 when the then MB student activist Mohamed Ehsan Abdul Qoddous was detained. His father, a renowned novelist, intervened and asked late president Muhammad Anwar As-Sadat to release his son!.
Adel Imam, who is close to the Egyptian regime and is a close friend to president Hosni Mubarak, sees his daughter"s stepfather, a successful businessman, detained by the Egyptian state security services. Will Adel Imam intervene to have him released. Will he use his weight in the ruling elite in Egypt to ease the tension created by the government in the Egyptian political life!
This may seem to be impossible, given that Imam isn"t that interested in the political and social lives, unlike novelist Ihsan Abdel Koddous whose novels and history tackled and touched politics. However, this mediation may recur if Imam manages to have an effective role in the current crisis.
However, there is still a hovering question in this situation in which government affiliates mix with Muslim Brotherhood leaders forming a human relationship which is bigger than seeing Egypt as a government or opposition. The Muslim Brotherhood is establishing relations which are bigger than itself. Former prime minister Aziz Sedki meets the renowned actor Khaled Al Sawi, Coptic intellectual Rafik Habib, George Ishak and engineer Khairat Al-Shater the second deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood who is currently detained pending a military tribunal. All these imminent figures forma a human society which is bigger than Leftist or Islamic intellectual affiliations.
For the time being, the government detentions to the opposition, including the Muslim Brotherhood, still demolish any hope for a dialogue or even a meeting like the one that took place during the marriage ceremony of Ahmed and Sara. Ahmed and Sara got married three years ago and their guests included MB chairman Akef, renowned actor Imam and Grand Sheikh Tantawi. Will they meet again for the future of Egypt future?!
The coming days will very soon answer this question.

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