El-Arian: MB wants a civil state; Egypt will not become another Iran
El-Arian: MB wants a civil state; Egypt will not become another Iran
Saturday, April 9,2011 00:03

Essam el-Arian, a leading media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, said the group is calling for a civil, moderate, and democratic state, which guarantees equality, prosperity, justice and freedom for all citizens. He stressed that Egypt is not Iran and the MB has no intention of implementing, or attempting to implement, an Iranian style revolution in the country. They promote democracy and advocate elections, he said.

He also explained that the Brothers firmly believe that the conflicts between liberals and various Islamists at the time of holding the referendum on constitutional amendments is unjustified, indicating that Article 2 of the Constitution is not in dispute.
"In its weekly sermon, the MB called for the Salafist group to review their decrees regarding the demolishing of the shrines and their refusal to resume tourism activities in Egypt that raised people's concern. He called on them to work on calming down the people and reassuring them.

In a related context, el-Erian said the MB underlines the importance of the role of Al-Azhar and the Coptic Church in maintaining the gains of the January 25 Revolution.
He said throughout its history, Egypt has never suffered any sectarian conflicts, slamming what he called a campaign by "radical secularists" to stir up fears about the group.
The group wants a civil country, he said. Erian echoed statements from the military council members that Egypt will not be ruled by "another Khomeini", in reference to the cleric who led Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution.
Egypt will not be governed by another Khomeini," the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces  had formerly stated after a three-hour meeting with chief editors of Egyptian newspapers.
The military also reiterated its commitment to transfer power to civilian rule after legislative and presidential elections, and to respect the freedom of expression.