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Amr Darrag: Number of FJP, Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Leave Qatar
Amr Darrag: Number of FJP, Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Leave Qatar
Expressing sincere gratitude to Qatar for being a good accommodating host, Muslim Brotherhood and Freedom and Justice Party leaders leave Qatar to avoid causing the country any embarrassment.
Saturday, September 13,2014 04:34
Dr. Amr Darrag (leading member of both the Freedom and Justice Party and the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance and Minister of International Cooperation in President Mohamed Morsi's government) made this statement through his Facebook page:

We appreciate the great role of the State of Qatar in supporting the Egyptian people in their Revolution against the military junta, and well understand the circumstances faced by the region.

In order to avoid causing any embarrassment for the State of Qatar, which we found to be a very welcoming and supportive host, some symbols of the Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing – the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) – who were asked by authorities to move their residence outside the state of Qatar, have now honored that request.

We affirm that we will continue to work with all strength and energy for the success of the Egyptian people's Revolution.

Our Revolution will continue. We are confident of God's support until we achieve victory. Our faith in God is great, our confidence in the Egyptian people unshakeable.
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